Dedication by Genpo Roshi at the 20 Year Memorial Ceremony for Maezumi Roshi

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Genpo Roshi and Ekyo Maezumi, Memorial 5-24-15

Roshi + Ekyo

Dedication by Genpo Roshi at the 20 Year Memorial Ceremony
for Koun Taizan Maezumi Roshi
Salt Lake City, May 24, 2015
(click to hear recording)

Personally, I was very very moved and touched by all you have given and shared with us, at great cost both to you and your family, Ekyo-san standing beside me, Kyrie, Yuri and Yoshi.  And I know that transmitting the BuddhaDharma here in the West was the most important vow of your life.  And there are casualties, there are sufferings by loved ones because of this strong vow.  I also know you had no choice.  When this vow arises, this Bodhicitta, Bodhi Mind vow to liberate all suffering sentient beings, it’s really like you have no choice.  I know that, I think we all know.  And therefore we love and appreciate your efforts, your work, and the fruits of your efforts and work. 

I know Ekyo-san once asked me a few years ago, What do you think Roshi would say about how you’re doing now, and the way you’re teaching?  The first thing I said was, I don’t care — I don’t give a shit.  That was rash, it was young, it was immature.  But the second thing I said is, you probably wouldn’t appreciate it; however, if you gave it a chance, maybe you would.  And I feel that from where you are now, at least I’d like to think, that you’re really pleased with your Dharma children, your Dharma grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren, and particularly your own children and Ekyo-san, how they have matured and evolved.   I mean, Kyrie’s last posts on Facebook, which you don’t even know anything about, it’s amazing.  Yoshi just received her PhD not even two weeks ago. Yuri, he’s going to be a great Zen Master, and Ekyo-san has flourished in these last years, and I think has really come into her own.  So  we’re here to commemorate this twenty year memorial.  We love and appreciate you, and thank you for all that you’ve offered us.   EEEEeeeeee!

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One Response to Dedication by Genpo Roshi at the 20 Year Memorial Ceremony for Maezumi Roshi

  1. Beautiful, Genpo. The lineage, and the lineage continues. It is a pleasure and honor knowing you.

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