Taking sanity for granted

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Student: In the voice of sanity and disowned sanity, I just realized that it’s so much taken for granted in this practice, at least by me. As you said, it’s always there, but you have to choose it and not just take it for granted because it’s always there.

Roshi: That’s right. Well, we know that taking things for granted is a big delusion. We know that that’s a big no-no, right? But we don’t realize what we take for granted —because we take it for granted! It’s revealing what we take for granted as fact or real, until everything starts falling apart — the fabric starts coming apart — because all of a sudden we see ‘Oh my god, I’ve taken this for granted.’ That’s what I was doing. I was taking the thinking mind that is owned for granted. I was taking sanity for granted. I’d never thought of asking.

I remember once saying, and repeating it several times because it really hit me, that the only thing limiting us is our lack of ability to imagine. If I can’t imagine it, then I can’t make it so, but if I can imagine it, then I can go there and I can kind of work with it. So if I can’t imagine the thinking mind as disowned, or if I can’t imagine sanity as disowned, or being immortal as disowned, then I don’t think to go there. I’m just limited by my inability to imagine it. That’s all. And I never prided myself on my imagination. In fact, I think I have a very poor and weak imagination, so I’m very limited in that way because I can’t imagine it. So these things just have to come up to me pretty much from a kind of innate place because my ability to imagine things is not so great. Probably it also works to serve me that way. I don’t know if that makes sense to you, but it makes sense to me.

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16 Responses to Taking sanity for granted

  1. Sam (deshi) says:

    There is a certain way of increasing imagination, as there are methods of increasing samadhi. I’ve always imagined this state of imagination as a state of samadhi, because there are varrying degrees of this state and there are times when it is strong and its current carries you to places where integration and healing are needed. It seems that the stronger samadhi is the more available things are to be owned: things that I might contract against or avoid somehow become easier to look at and integrate. When we focus on something and give it attention–as with a voice or our imaginative abilities–we witness that the process often grows better. Let us place our attention on our imagination; our awareness. Let’s see what happens. There’ll probably be a bit of disowned sanity here, and perhaps a bit of magic thrown in as well.

  2. Ingrid says:

    What does mean” beeing immortal as disowned”?
    Is’nt our soul immortal?


  3. Ingrid says:

    Yes ! This makes sens to me.
    Focusing on the présent moment, taking nothing for granted , celebrate all that is there, looking deeper into that which frightens me, makes my Life becoming magic…

  4. Imagination seem to be a very free part of us, we don’t have control of it, that is part of how we grow,we don’t know what is ahead, no matter how much we want to know. If we did there would not be any mystery, or wonder. Owning sanity and insanity without distinction we have an openness for imagination to grow and explore possibilities, depending on our wisdom, we choose to allow our imagination to develop the best outcome for our development.
    On the other hand, we can imagine as much as we want and if we are not there in our maturity, it only causes frustration. It is like an acorn, which has everything in itself to become a gigantic oak tree and it will be there in time, it can’t do anything to get there faster. We can appreciate the perfection of what is.

  5. Dwight Smith says:

    This question of imagination is so intriguing and given that it particularly fascinates me during this time it keeps arising everywhere i look including here this afternoon. it has to do with the power of will and what we are capable of creating through will. as i heard it said the other day: if you can conceive it, if you can believe it, it will be so. there is so much that we still have to learn about the will body. i think it was Krishnamurti in conversation with Bohm that once said everything we see is the product of thought. what i think they were saying is that everything that constitutes the way we live our lives, quite literally everything we see, is part of the system of thought. well, when you consider as you did taking anything for granted within this context it becomes very intriguing. how much of the suffering, the pain, the endurance of the so-called 99% together with the delusion of the so-called 1% have to do with everyone taking for granted that reality is the way it is because that is the way it is? and then what happens if we realize fully our capacity to re-imagine it all, to re-image it? i am only beginning to comprehend the power of will, which is above want and desire right, it’s a much higher frequency. there is to it a wonderful sense of the magical which of course makes it no less real.

  6. Pat says:

    From the vantage point of the relative world, imagination is a precursor to something being created from emptiness, from formlessness. It still floors me how this is going on all the time, without my conscious awareness. When I own my imagination, infinite possibilities don’t look so silly any more to me. I love the Voice of Insanity, because it is incredibly imaginative and creative. That still surprises me.

  7. Thanks Roshi for your in-sights.

    For me, sanity is about subtraction. With fewer mind re-presentations the question of owning or disowning becomes irrelevant – I pay it no mind. What is granted or taken for granted is used as leverage for growth.

    All reality has a cause – the root of it was inspired. To be inspired means to be in spirit. As individualized units of that inspiration – or spirit – we have the capacity to be inspired.

    Imagination is the fuel that lights the fire of inspiration. Inspiration is the by-product or fragrance of truth and requires little imagination. But it’s a heck of a lot of fun. LOL – Ken LaDeroute

  8. karen says:

    According to some one can’t even make a trip to the bathroom without using a visualization of where it is to get there. So having a weak imagination? I feel the same way about myself. When it comes to owning a weak imagination, I guess for me it would mean that I see I have to make a lot of effort to imagine a better future, so that leads me to having to own my insanity instead. I wonder where that would lead? Thanks

  9. We don’t know what we don’t know. Asking to speak with Big Mind, we realize that Big Mind encompasses all, the things we know and what we don’t know. Knowing all is Big Mind, we can allow for what is not known to become known, because we are no longer denying anything, we know that what we don’t know is part of us.

  10. SOPHIA says:

    how about
    fully owning/accepting, knowing, empowering
    taking for granted and apprectiating
    no or poor imagination andlimitless imagination
    magic and no magic

  11. Monica says:

    I might be simplifying a lot, but I´ll only talk about what resonates with me (don´t we all do that on a level of duality?).I take my own sanity for granted due to a certain survival automatical reflex, it helps me be on the daily stage and play in a certain convention, it´s like a code.But, on another level,if I stop and look at it,I see its other aspect or the reverse, the insanity.I was fortunate to see that I cannot take the owned thinking mind for granted when, due to an accident, it stopped working as before for a while, but I was there to feel the change. It was magical, like opening a hidden window,like showing me the freedom of not taking anything for granted. And even if that´s the reflex,I won´t identify with it.

  12. What you think, you imagine too, and it happens in your mind.
    but if you know the truth my friend, you’ll accept reality for what it is.
    Take responsibility for all you think, and everything you do,
    then you will know the truth, that sets a being free.
    The light you see, is what you perceive, as time passes before your eyes,
    what happens next is between your ears, as you ANALyze the scene.
    Don’t ASSume, you know what’s going on, until you actually do.
    With an Everlasting Love,
    my friends, and all you fiends alike,
    Now, and Forever Always,
    virtually yours,

  13. barry says:

    GR,i got WAY too much imagination/immature imagination.
    also,another way to put one of your points is:all cognitive issues are self-perpetuating [cognitive in the general sence]

  14. James Keith Love says:

    I’ve always felt Gratitude is important. What we take for granted causes us big problems.
    I’m pretty sure I’ve been disowning the voice of the Ingrate. The new question that recently dawned on me is if there is a quality of Gratitude that is not for something I have or am appreciative of not having or having, but whether there is a Gratitude that has no object.

  15. I’ve been reading through your teachings here and have found them to be great sources of information on the Big Mind Process and Zen Philosophy, very enjoyable and insightful.

    and yes it makes sense to me ss i ah :)

  16. Sonja Margulies says:

    The monk said, “I don’t understand.”
    Yumen answered, “How brilliant!”

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