This listing is an acknowledgement of completion by these practitioners of the initial 18 days of training in the use of the Big Mind Process with Genpo Roshi, its founder and creator, and that they are committed to remain aligned with Roshi through continued training. Some of them have also studied extensively with him, engaged in years of Zen study as well as Big Mind Big Heart retreats, and continued to demonstrate a commitment to the ongoing evolution of the Big Mind Big Heart Process. For those interested in studying and learning more about themselves through the use of Big Mind, we recommend Roshi’s personal live teachings and the volumes of DVDs (which can be found under the Store tab on this website), as well as other teachings on this site. This listing of practitioners is not an endorsement or accreditation.  Big Mind, Inc., cannot make assurances that the qualifications or services of any individual would be suitable for the needs of a particular individual. Users of this directory understand and agree that Big Mind, Inc., is neither liable nor responsible for any actions of those using or choosing to list in this directory.


Jan Biciste  Prague, Czech Republic Student since: 2011 jbiciste@yahoo.com

Graeme Bradshaw  Hong Kong, China Student since: 2010 graeme@imi.com.hk

Kamie Buddemeier  Marshfield, Wisconsin Student since: 2006 kbudd44@gmail.com

Brian Byg  Dayton, Ohio Student since: 2010 blbyg2@gmail.com

Kat Calato  Loveland, Colorado  Student since: 2012katcalato@aol.com

Mark Esterman   Salt Lake City, Utah  Student since: 2003 mark@saltlakezengroup.org

Achim Feige  Vienna, Austria/Germany Student since: 2011 achim.feige@me.com

Marci Forand  Dusseldorf, Germany Student since: 1988 marciensei@aol.com

Blane Friest  New York City, New York Student since: 2010 Keijo@blanefriest.com

Bruce Gardiner  Hillsdale, New York Student since: 2007 brucegardiner@yahoo.com

Paul Grace   Salt Lake City, Utah  Student since: 1999 pnt_grace@yahoo.com

Joe Hakim  Boulder Creek, California Student since: 2008 jhakim9@gmail.com

Birgitte Gorm Hansen  Copenhagen, Denmark Studying since: 2013Info@dynamicyoga.dk

Santiago Jimenez  Bogota, Colombia Student since: 2010 santiagueri@hotmail.com

Charlotte Juul  Copenhagen, Denmark Studying since: 2008cjuul@me.com

Asger Freltoft Knudsen     Copenhagen, Denmark     Student since: 2014     asger@zenmind.dk

Dan Landgré     Lund,  Sweden     Student since: 2004     dan@landgre.se

Heather Laurie  Denver, Colorado Student since: 2006 heather@heatherlaurietherapist.com

Micheline Marcoux  Montreal, Canada Student since: 2009 Mimcl1301@yahoo.ca

David Meggyesy  Nordland, Washington Student since: 2008 david@meggyesy.com

Philip Oude-Vrielink  Melbourne, Australia Student since: 2006 philip@philipoudevrielink.com

John Quigley  San Francisco, California Student since: 2009 jq.priv@gmail.com

Gediminas Peseckas  Vilnius, Lithuania Student since: 2010 gediminas@bigmind.lt

Mary Ellen Sloan  Salt Lake City, Utah Student since: 2001 sloans@xmission.com

Daniela Solzbacher   Salt Lake City, Utah  Student since: 2006 dsolzbacher@gmail.com

Rob Velek  Vancouver, BC, Canada Student since: 2011 robfightmanagement@gmail.com

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