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Kanzeon Big Heart Sangha Teleconference — Fall 2017

November 18, 2017 11:00 AM
November 18, 2017 12:30 PM

3 Treasures Teleconference:
Buddha Treasure  ♦  Dharma Treasure  ♦  Sangha Treasure

Genpo Roshi is offering a new series of three live 90-minute Kanzeon Big Heart Sangha Teleconferences on his evolving vision of Zen, which is the fruit of his many years of practice and teaching, refined through the experience of the past six years of deep reflection on his own life and teaching as well as the tradition in which he trained and devoted his life.

This new series of teleconferences will explore the direct implications for us personally of this very fundamental teaching of Buddhism, the Three Treasures.   In light of his planned move to Boulder Colorado in mid-August, Roshi is also looking forward to discussing what people would like to see happen in his new location.

These Teleconferences are open to all who would like to participate.  Note that you must register in advance to obtain information for accessing the calls.

These calls are not lectures, but conversations which participants are invited to join or write in by email with questions and issues of concern to them.  One participant recently sent the following comment:


Hi Roshi,
During today’s call I didn’t have a question but I did want to say that although I have only once spoken on these calls I appreciate them so very much.  I always find that there are things said that I resonate with, things that shift my thinking, things that spike my curiosity and things that I simply appreciate.
Also somehow the calls leave me with a feeling of connectedness, not just to this Sangha, but to the world.
Much love,

Details for accessing the teleconference will be sent upon registration.

The Teleconferences will be taped and a URL link sent to all those registered within two days of the Conference.

Discount available for students, low-income seniors  and unemployed.

For more information: e-mail or call  801-503-5656.
To register offline: e-mail bmfinance@bigmind.org or call 801-328-8414.

Register here for individual conferences or save by registering for the complete series.

Your registration, online or offline, must be received no later than Friday at Noon (MT*) the day before the teleconference.

        Complete Series  (Three Teleconferences):  $50.   

or select individual events:

Saturday, September 30, 11.00 am  MT.*    $20.         cart button small

Saturday, October 28, 11.00 am  MT.*    $20.         cart button small

Saturday, November 18, 11.00 am  MT.*      $20.         cart button small
*  MT = Mountain Time (Salt Lake City)

Recordings of the conferences will be available free to participants; to non-participants  for a donation of $20 for each teleconference.  E-mail bmfinance@bigmind.org or call 801-328-8414.

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