Active Student, Member, Personal Work

Those who wish to have a continuing relationship with Genpo Roshi and to support him and his work may choose to be either an Active Student or Member, or to engage in Personal Work with him.  Your tax deductible donation will help sustain Roshi’s efforts, serve the Big Mind/Big Heart International Community, and make the teachings more accessible throughout the world.

As an Active Student you are entitled to:

  • Personal guidance from Roshi
  • Email and phone contact with him
  • Free access to the Saturday Teleconferences
  • 20% to 50% off all events.

The donation for Active Student is $2500 yearly.

Membership in Big Mind is also available, and entitles you to

  • Guidance from Roshi in creating your personal practice
  • Free access to Saturday Teleconferences
  • 10% discount on all events

The donation for Members is  $500/year.

Personal work
Roshi is available for 30 minute or longer skype sessions for personal work for a donation of $150 per 1/2 hour.

He is also available for one or more days of personal, couples or group work and for professional facilitating and coaching.

For information about becoming an Active Student or Member, or about personal work with Roshi, please contact Mary Ellen by email  or 1-801-503-5656.

(From a letter to Genpo Roshi from an individual who worked with him personally:)

I just wanted to write to let you know briefly what happened as a result of our last conversation. You may remember that you gave me a koan to sit with no hope. Since I was already pretty close to the point of no hope anyway, I decided I had very little to lose by following your advice. It seems irrational, but I had some intuition that, as crazy as it seemed on one level, it just might be the right thing to do. So I sat with no hope.

I never went into much detail about what I was experiencing. But I have suffered to an excruciating degree most of my life. I’ve worked hard to try to get to the bottom of it all. Due to recent events involving a failed relationship, I was feeling backed into a corner where there was no hope and no way out.

A couple of days ago, it all came to a head. I decided that I had utterly failed in my attempt to become spiritually enlightened. I gave up all hope that it would happen in this lifetime. I decided that if I had to abide in this unbearable suffering until the release of death came, then that’s what I would have to do because there didn’t seem to be any other alternative.

Somehow in that moment, all my suffering disappeared and I experienced peace. I guess I finally gave up completely and stopped blocking it.

I don’t know what is the full extent of it. I was tempted to take up striving again this morning, but I quickly put it down again and remembered my decision to give it up. I don’t care how much my mind produces thoughts or what they are anymore. I don’t care whether I am enlightened or not. I don’t care whether it lasts or does not last. If I have to suffer again, I don’t care.

For me the core wound was self-abandonment – looking outside myself for approval and to get my needs met. I feel like I completely returned to myself by submitting to the impossibility of ever getting out of suffering. I feel like I don’t need anything from anyone anymore.

I’m beginning to think now of what I could do to help others. I’ve learned a tremendous amount through my struggles all these years. I hope somehow to help people going through similar struggles that I went through. I feel like I am finally ready to do something for others to make my life meaningful.

Well, that’s as short as I could make it. Thank you for your help. You helped me finally get over the hump. I don’t feel like I attained anything. I just got rid of extraneous misunderstandings that were causing suffering. 

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