On Sale Big Mind DVD Vol 1 — “Big Mind Big Heart Revealed”

To Study The Self – Big Mind DVD series — Volume 1

Big Mind Big Heart Revealed


Long unavailable, this groundbreaking set of DVDs provides a clear and lively introduction to the Big Mind process.  Genpo Roshi explains the process and explores some of the most fundamental voices and profound elements of Zen Teachings.

Voices covered in this DVD set:

Disc One: Introduction, The Controller, The Skeptic, The Innocent & Vulnerable Child, The Protector, The Damaged Self, The Fixer, The Mind of Desire, The Seeking Mind, The Mind That Seeks The Way, Interviews.

Disc Two: Introduction, The Controller, Big Mind, Big Heart, Yin Compassion, Yang Compassion, The Master, The Non-Seeking Mind, The Non-Grasping Mind, The Non-Thinking Mind, The Non-Abiding Mind, Dropped Off Body & Mind, Joyous Mind, Integrated Free-Functioning Human Being, Interviews.

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