On Sale Big Mind DVD Vol 5 — “Masculine and Feminine Energies”

To Study the Self – Big Mind DVD series — Volume 5

“Masculine and Feminine Energies”


$39.95  $29.95 


Using the Big Mind process, Genpo Roshi explores the territory of masculine and feminine energies. Experience how these energies manifest in both men and women, and how we can tap this power to enrich and clarify our lives, our relationships, and our spiritual path.

Big Mind voices covered in this DVD set: Power and Empowerment, Fear, Power and Disowning, The Owned Student, Open and Closed, Telling and Being Told, Feminine Power Owned and Embodied, Sanity and Insanity Owned and Disowned, Absolute Power, Wisdom and Compassion, Immature Masculine Power, Stuckness, Doubt and Liberation, Endless Practice, The Great Matter of Life and Death, Egohood vs. Buddhahood, Enlightenment and Delusion, The Disowned Competitor

“My girlfriend and I have Volumes 4 and 5 (From Student to Master, Masculine and Feminine Energies) of the DVD series.  Both have been nothing short of amazing and for different reasons.  Not everyone has the opportunity to dedicate a week immersed in study with a Zen Master and his community.  Fortunately Shyra and I did and were able to attend “From Student to Master”; in person.  Nevertheless, the DVD series has allowed us to further deepen our insights that occurred in person during the week.The Masculine and Feminine Energies was a weeklong retreat that we were UNABLE to attend; and the DVDs have allowed us to really go deep and embody the learnings over and over again; in the leisure of our own home.  I HIGHLY recommend these DVD sets and any other that Big Mind offers. I mean for a few bucks; how can you say no for an opportunity to taste your true nature in the comfort of your own home?”

— Julius Ko, Toronto, ON



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