On Sale Big Mind DVD Vol 2 — “The Path of the Human Being”

To Study The Self – Big Mind DVD series — Volume 2

“The Path of the Human Being”


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Through the Big Mind process, Genpo Roshi is revitalizing the profound teachings of Zen tradition and making them accessible today through his revolutionary Big Mind process. Explore with him the experience of enlightenment, the vastness of your mind and compassionate heart, and the path to integrating enlightenment in your daily life.

The Five Stages of the Path of the Human Being take us through the five crucial steps of Zen practice as summarized more than a thousand years ago by one of the most brilliant and influential figures in the history of Zen. Zen Master Tozan’s Five Ranks have long been regarded as the touchstone for testing and confirming the student’s insight and actual practice, and mastery of these five ranks has been the culmination of Zen training.

Genpo Roshi combines this traditional teaching with a liberating new process that enables you to fully empower yourself and others. This new DVD set brings to life a masterful blend of Eastern and Western wisdom and offers a rare opportunity to meet a great Zen Master, and your own true nature, face to face.

Voices covered in this DVD set:

The Dualistic Mind, The Ego, The Competitor, The Healthy Competitor, Power, Yin Power, Yang Power, The Empowerer, The Boaster, Seeker of The Way, Follower of The Way, The Way, Big Mind, Big Heart, The Boss, Surrender, Submission, Integrated Surrender Submission, Great Doubt, Great Fear, Great Despair, Complete Hopelessness, Great Death, Great Rebirth, Great Liberation, The Absolute, Fallen From Grace, Choosing to be a Human Being, Great Joy Great Appreciation.

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