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4 Complete Volumes
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To Study the Self
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Now, for a limited time, you can acquire Volumes 3, 4, 5 and 6 complete, free, for only what it costs to send them to you by Priority Mail.  Add a set to your library, and give this gift of the teachings to friends, while this extraordinary opportunity lasts.

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Dear Genpo,
I simply want to thank you and tell you how grateful and deeply touched I am by the beautiful, concise, precise and profound work of Big Mind, Big Heart you are sharing with your students through these DVD’s.  I have spent this past year, on a day to day basis, listening, learning, thinking, not thinking, and feeling; passing through hell to grace, noise to silence, to . . .
Your DVDs are great tools for me and I am sure for all human beings.
F. M., Madrid, Spain


The DVDs have allowed us to further deepen the insights that occurred in person during the retreat we were able to attend. This new Volume from a weeklong retreat that we were UNABLE to attend has allowed us to really go deep and embody the learnings over and over again, in the leisure of our own home.  I HIGHLY recommend these DVD sets and any other that Big Mind offers. I mean for a few bucks; how can you say no for an opportunity to taste your true nature in the comfort of your own home?
— J. K., Toronto, ON


Volume 3: Awakened by the 10,000 Dharmas

The Big Mind process enables us to explore the innumerable facets of this diamond we call the self. Some we love and cherish and others we despise and disown. As Genpo Roshi leads the group in the Big Mind process we examine these facets and find out which ones are helping us and which ones are impeding our progress to becoming a fully integrated, free functioning human being.

Follow along with the group and record your own thoughts and emotions in the included 128 page workbook.  This volume includes the workbook and 8 DVDs.




Volume 4:  From Student to Master

Using the Big Mind process, Genpo Roshi takes the group through the typical stages of growth from a beginning student of Zen to becoming a Zen Master. What is your aspiration? What are you willing to do to attain it? How long does it take to become a Zen Master? What must you study? What tests needs to be passed? How can you find a qualified teacher? Can it be done from home or must you find a monastery? What does it mean to be a Zen Master?  An invaluable guide to anyone who is curious about or considering following the Zen path.

This volume includes 6 DVDs and 2 audio CDs.




Volume 5:  Masculine and Feminine Energies

Explores the territory of masculine and feminine energies. Experience how these energies manifest in both men and women, and how we can tap this power to enrich and clarify our lives, our relationships, and our spiritual path.  Voices covered in this volume include Power and Empowerment, Fear, Open and Closed, Telling and Being Told, Feminine Power Owned and Embodied, Sanity and Insanity Owned and Disowned, Wisdom and Compassion, Immature Masculine Power, Stuckness, Doubt and Liberation, Endless Practice.

This volume includes 6 DVDs and 2 audio CDs.




Volume 6:  The Teachings of Bodhidharma

Bodhidharma, the great Zen Master who first brought Zen Buddhism to China, left a legacy of essential Zen teachings that are still relevant today.  Genpo Roshi uses his extensive experience and the Big Mind process to give us an experiental look into the mind and teachings of Bodhidharma.  Voices covered in this volume include The Thinking Mind, The Non-thinking Mind, Hope/No Hope/Great Faith, Stupidity and Stuckness, The Hungry Ghost, The Awakened Mind, Mortality, The Buddha Mind.

This volume includes 6 DVDs and 2 audio CDs.

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