A Health Update from Genpo Roshi, 28 June 2016

Dear Friends,

I’m very happy to announce I was released from the hospital at 11 am today and all my vital signs are excellent, and my heart rhythm is perfect.

Of course, this experience has caused me to look at and reevaluate my life and what’s important to me.  I know I need to slow down even further and travel long distances less.  The cardiologist here wants me to be connected to a cardiologist for at least a month, and my travel to Europe for events in August has already been canceled.  However, all events in September and for the rest of the year will go forward as scheduled.

I am very grateful for all the prayers, love, and well wishes I received from all of you during this time, it made me feel very loved and appreciated.  I love you all, you’re all very important to me.


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Dear Friends,

I wanted to let you know about my situation as promptly as possible.

I admitted myself to the hospital Emergency Room in San Luis Obispo California on Thursday, the 23rd of June, because I was having a hard time breathing, had shortness of breath, and was coughing.  What I had was a buildup of fluid in the sac surrounding the heart — it is called a pericardial effusion.  When it is large and pushing in on the heart as mine was, it is life-threatening and called pericardial tamponade.  I would have died from it if I hadn’t admitted myself to the ER when I did.

I’m in the hospital being treated now.  They removed a liter of fluid with a needle directly into the heart.  It was caused by a viral infection but they are running a series of tests on the fluid to see if there is anything more specific going on.  At this stage we do not know what caused the infection.

They put me on an anti-inflammatory drug to settle down the situation and prevent recurrence of the fluid.  The pressure is off my heart.  I’m also being treated with medication for atrial fibrillation which resulted from the traumatization of the pressure being released from around the heart.

I may be released from the hospital Monday afternoon, June 27, if the afib is taken care of.  The breathing difficulties and coughing are being treated as well with a diuretic.  It’s been hard for me to talk because of the coughing.

This is the reason I am having to cancel the August events in Copenhagen and travel to Europe this summer.

I appreciate all of your love and prayers.  I’ll do my best to keep you informed.  I apologize for the impersonal communication, but it’s too difficult for me respond to all of you individually.


17 thoughts on “A Health Update from Genpo Roshi, 28 June 2016”

  1. Sending nothing but love and gratitude your way, Roshi. I am very grateful wisdom prevailed and you got yourself to the ER. I am also grateful you recognize how much people love you, and that we want to know how you’re doing, and we have the opportunity to send you prayers and love. This teaching is very beautiful.

  2. What a shock. I hope you will not be laid up for too long. I am also very happy I figured out how to receive your posts. Please take good care of yourself and keep us posted.

  3. Roshi shocked to hear about your health and hopefull about your recovery. My thoughts are with you. Gratefull to know you and to have expirienced how you share so warmhearted and generous your wisdom with your students. Hope to be possible to experience your presence and teachings in good health soon.

  4. Bless you – love love and more love – may your journey onwards be filled with loving light – I pray with gratitude that you went to hospital – flow with strength for a full wholeing my beautiful friend – your words and work have many a times uplifted my spirit – Love lights our way.

  5. Hey Genpo,
    Dylan came down with this. He said it was worse than people giving him a pain in the ass. You are among the few creative spirits in American Zen and spirituality today. I look forward to you back on your feet and in the saddle again. Love, Genki

  6. Hello Roshi.
    No need to reply. I’m following.

    I’m grateful for whatever moved you to go to ER and hope it wasn’t bad pain. Happy to hear Mary Ellen there with you and know there are others. I am lucky to have a great connection to news of your experience through Mark.

    I love you and have you in my heart in a special way that could only be you.

    With love and gratitude,
    Jim Daiko Bilskie

  7. Aloha, Genpo Roshi. I heard from a friend about your recent hospital visit and recovery. I am very glad you recovered, and I hope you will find the discipline you will need to relax more. Our (yours and mine) karate teacher died at age 71–and the last five years were not good!– after burning the candle at both ends for many years. Please take care of yourself. Osu!


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