Great Faith, Great Doubt

A brief excerpt from a talk given May 22, 2016

Bottom line is, if you go through great doubt, meaning you question everything — I mean really question everything, to the point where you doubt everything, you lose all beliefs, you lose all your kind of understanding, you lose all your concepts, all your opinions about things — what you end up with I call great faith.  That’s the bottom line, great trust.

It’s the foundation, I would say, of our being, and it’s Buddha nature.  It’s the same as Buddha nature.  Buddha nature, true nature, faith, are all bottom line.  So everything that sits on that gets in the way.  And those are our beliefs, our concepts, our ideas, our notions, our thoughts about things.  That’s all getting in the way of our true nature, which is just basic faith or trust.

And that is not in something, it’s not trust in anything in particular.  It’s just faith, or just trust.  It’s an unconditional state of being.  Now you can say, it’s that everybody is Buddha.  You can say that, in a way it is true.  And sometimes when I’m working with someone I know that I trust and have more faith in their being Buddha than they do.  But we all are, and so when you drop all your notions and ideas and you go through all that doubt about this and that, then you discover, of course we’re all Buddha.

6 thoughts on “Great Faith, Great Doubt”

  1. I’d like to have a better understanding of this. I have given up all previous beliefs in anything and everything, which seems to leave me with a faith vacuum.


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