In Memoriam Greg Kaizen Rosenstein

As many of you now know Greg Rosenstein passed away this weekend on Saturday the 7th of January. I had spoken to him not too long ago and he was so open and beautiful. He was wrestling with his disease and he seemed both in a very challenging time physically and also in in the best place of his life spiritually. His vulnerability was very present and his gratitude enormous. He told me that he had realized the simplest truth that it all comes down to, “Being more kind and loving to all.”

All I know at this time is he passed out in his apartment that morning. I don’t have more details at this time. I know that he was heading back to Florida with his father that day. I ask that everyone take some time to offer Greg prayers and blessings.

A service for Greg was held on Sunday, February 26th in Salt Lake City.  All members of the Sangha and the public were invited to attend.

Here is what Greg wrote on Facebook in his own words on his physical condition:

“In November 2015, something shifted very dramatically for me and the abdominal section of my body became ultra sensitive, almost so sensitive that no one has ever seen something like this before It’s been causing abdominal muscle spasms, severe chronic pain in that area, a feeling that my organs inside are twisting in a knot, and many other symptoms that I don’t even know how to describe…. Since that shift in November 2015. I have not been able to bend the abdominal section of my body, so I’ve only been able to lie down or stand up which keeps my body straight. Paradoxically, this has also been the most transformative time of my life. Everything in my life started falling away, I don’t have the ability to work, I’ve had to stop weightlifting, I’ve had to stop sitting meditation, and most of my social life has disintegrated… All that is left is myself to be with and a lot of time to become conscious of and resolve inner issues that I would never have been able to access if it wasn’t for this experience.”


I ask that many of us sit in prayer and silence at this time worldwide with Greg. We can offer him a swift and safe passage to the other shore.

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