May This New Year Bring More Unity

As 2018 comes to an end and we begin a new year, we are in a time of crisis where many are feeling hopeless, and fearing there’s no future for our children’s children. Old ways are no longer working. It is time for a change, and change is what must happen.

Polarization is intensifying, leading to separation and conflict. Conflict and wars occur when two seemingly opposing sides draw lines in the sand and two apparent realities are seen as threatening to one another. This is happening in all areas of our society, politics, religion, economics, race, morality, and  gender. When we make these artificial separations we are already at war with the other, and also within ourselves. 
The moment we separate our self from an other, the other becomes a threat. We do this not only with so-called external reality but internally as well. It is why we are at war not only with others but also within ourselves. There’s a part of us that wants to take care of our health and well-being and a part that wants to overindulge in eating, drinking and various unhealthy practices. There’s one who wants to do good and one who doesn’t care about others, one who is run by the three poisons of ignorance, greed and hatred, and one who is not . This internal conflict sucks up all our energy and causes us anxiety as well as the world’s stress and illness. 
Each of us is whole, complete and perfect, yet the mind creates the notion of other-ness. The moment dualistic thinking arises heaven and hell are separated by thought. I believe that you are not me, and I am not you; that I am separate from my world. Then I try to control and dominate you, you want to control and dominate me. We try to dominate others and the entire planet. But before thought arises there is no separation. True reality is not dual. We are in fact not independent and separate from others or from our planet. Seen from the sky, our planet earth has no divisions of nations and states. The realization of this true reality as one, interdependent and interconnected, is called awakening. However, thinking something is attained by awakening is delusion, since the separation never existed to begin with. We created this delusion, this notion of separation, by thought.

We are in midst of a major transformation of our collective consciousness, and it is up to you and me to advance it. If enough of us wake up and make a shift of consciousness to one of unity rather than polarization we, and our children’s children will have a chance. But the time to wake up, and to use what is happening at this very moment as a wake up call, is now — or never. May 2019 be a time of unity rather than continued division and conflict. May this new year bring about the shifts required for us all, and for our children’s children, to see a brighter future.

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