On Trusting Nothing

Anything we put our trust in, anyone or anything outside ourself, and even our self, will eventually at some point really let us down. Nothing can live up to the expectation we put on the self or others, or things. So the best we can do with trust is, trust in nothing. 

And that’s not so difficult, because it’s not so difficult to trust nothing. Just flip the emphasis on the words: trust nothing. Well, that’s it, we trust nothing, we trust sunyata, emptiness, Buddha nature, faith. We trust that which has no borders and no consistency and no form.   It’s limitless, it’s endless, it’s boundless, it’s eternal. 

Whatever we call it — which is nothing, but it’s also everything — when we trust nothing then we can trust everything as it is. Not what we think it should be or what we want it to be or what we’d like it to be, but we trust nothing and we trust everything as it is. And that’s a whole different life and a whole different way of living life than when we live it from fear and mistrust and trying to trust and all these other dualistic things. It’s far beyond that.

7 thoughts on “On Trusting Nothing”

  1. The perfect gift for today, Roshi. Life just opened to all of life.

    To quote: I love you just the way you are and just the way you are not. I love me just the way I am and just the way I am not.



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