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No Enlightenment Apart from Delusion
5-Day Big Heart Retreat

Salt Lake City

Saturday June 4 — Wednesday June 8, 2022

A Big Heart Retreat offers a rare window of opportunity to work intensively with Genpo Roshi in a very small group. These events have proven to be the most effective means for Roshi to transmit his 50 years of Zen practice to you. Past participants have turned their practice around and deepened their understanding and appreciation of life, transforming their personal lives and careers as well as their spiritual practice.

These special retreats are the principal means of raising funds to support Genpo Roshi’s Big Mind/Big Heart work throughout the world, and his way of giving back in gratitude and appreciation to those who are able to contribute so generously to sponsor his work, to expand live and virtual teaching programs, provide scholarships for qualified students to participate in Big Mind/Big Heart trainings, donate books and DVDs to the Prison Dharma Network and other worthy organizations, and lower the prices of our books, DVDs, web content and live Big Mind events.

Location:  The retreat will be held in Salt Lake City at the Wasatch Conference Center of the 'ECC' (the Episcopal Church Center) in the heart of the city, where many Kanzeon/Big Mind events have been held in the past.  Address: 200 East 75 South, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84111.

The ECC offers convenient and economical lodging in the center itself, but guest room  spaces are limited, so see the details about reservations and covid restrictions below.

Participation is limited to 8 persons.

The daily schedule includes five hours of Roshi's teaching, informal time with him and other participants, and dinners together as a group.  

Friday, June 3:  Arrival (we'll celebrate Roshi's birthday)

Saturday June 4 - Wednesday June 8:
10:00 am - 1:00 pm (MT) Roshi teaching

1:00 - 4:00 pm break for lunch, rest, exercise
4:00 - 6:00 pm Roshi Teaching

Departure Wednesday June 8 or Thursday June 9

If you wish to reserve lodging at the ECC:
Due to Covid restrictions, occupancy is limited to one person per room, except for couples, two per room.  Lodging does not include meals, but lodgers have access to a complete kitchen and dining room.  (There are also supermarkets and various shops and restaurants close to the ECC.)

Room reservations should be made directly through the ECC.  Their lodging request form, rates, deposit and cancellation policies can be found here:

Access Limitations for in-person attendance:
Covid vaccination, masks, 6 foot social distancing (latter two are ECC requirements).

For more information about this event, Contact Mary Ellen

For questions about registration or payment, Contact Bruce or phone 801.244.4940

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