An Introduction to Zen

The current series is filled but we will be offering another later in 2023. 

A Six-Part Series based on the "The Three Pillars of Zen" by Philip Kapleau

led by Bruce Hogen Lambson

The Three Pillars of Zen is a classic introduction to Zen training for beginners and more advanced students alike. It is particularly directed to helping Western students to establish a clear and solid foundation for their own Zen practice.

In this book Philip Kapleau worked closely with Hakuun Yasutani Roshi, an important figure in our lineage, to create a teaching for Westerners. Yasutani Roshi was instrumental in combining both Soto and Rinzai Zen principles and practices. These teachings he passed on to Maezumi Roshi and then, through him, to Genpo Roshi and on to us. 

We will use this book, particularly Chapter One,  "Yasutani Roshi's Introductory Lectures on Zen Training," as our primary source material throughout the six weeks of classes. Please obtain a copy so you can read along.

Copies of The Three Pillars of Zen are readily available from various online booksellers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ebay, and others.

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Total cost for all Six Classes: $299


All classes will be held via Zoom on Saturdays from 10:00 am to 11:30 am (US Mountain Standard Time). Registrants will receive automatic email notifications and reminders with Zoom links.

Saturday January 7, 2023

Topics: Introduction to Philip Kapleau and Yasutani Roshi. A discussion of our lineage and background on Zen Buddhist principles and practices.

Saturday January 14, 2023

Topics: Theory and Practice of Zazen. Precautions to Observe in Zazen. Illusory Visions and Sensations.

Saturday January 21, 2023

Topics: The Five Varieties of Zen. The Three Aims of Zazen. Individual Instruction.

Saturday January 28, 2023

Topics: Shikan-taza. The Parable of Enyadatta. Cause & Effect Are One

Saturday February 4, 2023

Topics: Oneness and Manyness. The Three Essentials of Zen Practice. Aspiration.

Saturday February 11, 2023

Topics: Question and Answer. Where do I go from here?

Bruce Hogen LambsonBruce Hogen Lambson began his Buddhist studies in the 1990's in Seattle with a group affiliated with Tibetan Dzogchen teacher Sogyal Rinpoche. He first met Genpo Roshi in 1998 and in 2003 moved to Salt Lake City to join Kanzeon Zen Center. He received Jukai (Receiving the Precepts) in 2004, Shukke Tokudo (Ordination) in 2005, and Hoshi in 2022.

Bruce and his wife Jenny, who is nearing completion of her studies to be a Buddhist Chaplain through Upaya Zen Center, have a daughter, Celeste, and live in Sandy Utah.

His background is business and he currently serves in both administrative and teaching roles for Kanzeon Big Mind. Along with that, Bruce enjoys playing electric bass and guitar and following world affairs, politics, and social and cultural trends, using the guidelines of Ken Wilber's Integral framework.

Bruce's teaching style is casual and open. He makes it easy for Westerners to get started in Zen practice and provides plenty of time for Question and Answer.

All Six Classes for $299. Click any link below to Register for the whole series. Zoom links and reminders will be sent automatically for each class via email.

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