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About Big Mind Facilitator Skills Workshops

The Big Mind Process, which has been acclaimed by philosopher Ken Wilber as “arguably the most important and original discovery in the last two centuries of Buddhism,”  has helped thousands of people from all walks of life and spiritual backgrounds to have a genuine, sustainable awakening and live more purposeful, joyful lives.

Since Genpo Roshi created it in 1999, many spiritual teachers and lay persons have studied with him to learn this remarkably powerful means of bringing about an awakened experience. The process continues to evolve as a uniquely skillful way of working with others and for self-exploration.  Roshi’s unparalleled mastery and ceaseless exploration and innovation make Facilitator Trainings journeys of discovery for both new and experienced practitioners.

Facilitator Skills Training is designed for those who want to apply Roshi’s insights and teachings to better their own life and the lives of others.  It is an opportunity to work intensively in a relaxed and intimate format with him and serious fellow-practitioners.  Since a Big Mind Facilitator cannot take anyone beyond their own level of consciousness, we are necessarily concerned first and foremost with our own personal development and deepening our practice with the process. So the daily schedule includes a two-and-a-half hour session with Roshi, a period of personal practice, feedback and guidance in small groups, and discussions of using Big Mind in different settings.

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Participants will receive a PDF of the 2022 edition of his Big Mind Facilitator Training Manual upon registering for the Training.

Facilitator Skills Workshops are included in all Active Student Membership levels. Active Student Members do not have to register here and will automatically receive notifications and Zoom links via email.

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An Amazing Experience

“It was great to be able to spend this time with Genpo Roshi. Costs and distances have prevented me being with him like this before so it was a real treat. Thank you.” — B.C.

“Every bit as impactful as an in-person retreat. In some ways, more.” — B.F.

“Such a precious gift to be able to connect without having to travel. The one-on-one work with Roshi felt like we were there in person. I learned so much in this retreat.” — B.G.

“An amazing experience. I felt so connected to everyone. It’s wonderful to get to work with Roshi without having to travel. And I can join the work of others from up close and personal. I’m so grateful. Roshi’s teachings are always fresh and new.” —  M.M.

“I was three times in Ameland, and the Big Mind sessions framed in a sesshin were a life changer for me. If you play the game (honestly) it is a thrilling experience. Even by teleconference, where the direct contact energy is missing, I still had a number of insights about myself, about my Zen practice. I am really grateful for this opportunity to work again with Genpo Roshi. I live in Europe and it is quite difficult for me to come to US for his live sesshins.” — A.P.

“If you want to be involved in this amazing method that Roshi developed without creating a huge carbon imprint on the world, this is your opportunity! It is a wonderful way to work with Roshi and connect with the Sangha at the same time!” — J.W.

More Reviews...

“For me, the ability to suddenly be moved by someone’s struggle, then to watch them make breakthroughs, reach reversals in understanding, in a matter of minutes, inspires and informs my own practice immensely. Who says a Zoom session can’t be life-changing?” — T.G.

“This is a phenomenal opportunity for a beginner to be immersed in Big Mind teaching and practice. I am humbled by the deep sharing of self and soul in this forum. Thank you Roshi.” — R.P.

“It was a transformational experience, both in the teaching sessions with Roshi and in the practice triads. There was a very good balance between practice, teachings, and being able to receive Roshi’s priceless feedback and facilitation. The interaction with diverse people from different countries and cultures enriched the overall experience; the voices worked were very interesting and profound, and gave me key insights about relevant life issues.” — A.G.

“I’ve known Roshi for about 12 years and it surprises me how the teachings keep evolving.  It’s a wonderful experience to connect with the group and bring to life the wisdom of the collective. The Big Mind process has definitively changed my life.” — S.J.

“The most powerful tool for transformation that I have ever encountered is the Big Mind teachings of Genpo Roshi, and the most powerful way to experience and assimilate the Big Mind process is the Facilitator Training. I was astonished to find that the live online version of the Training we just completed was no less impactful than the face-to-face sessions I had attended in the past.” — B.G.

“The possibility for such intimacy and depth within a virtual retreat surprised me. By day two, I almost felt as if I was in the same room with Roshi! It was a large group participating but somehow I felt every person attentive and present on this course. It could be felt in the courage, intensity and honesty of the one-on-one sharings with Roshi. I am so grateful to have been a part of such a course… I hope to attend again. Thank you.” — C.V.

“These virtual conferences actually work much better than I had expected. Participants acquire genuine realisation and insight from the guided Big Mind work, despite the physical distance. The sense of sangha has actually never been stronger than during this time.” — E.L.

“This virtual conference offers the comfort and convenience to participate from home, to fit it in the work and family schedule while saving on travel and accommodation. People working in big corporations might have limited days of annual leave, this way they would save the days of travel and participating and have more days left to be with their family.” — J.P.

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