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Men's Retreat

3-Day In-Person Retreat with Genpo Roshi
Salt Lake City, Wasatch Conference Center (ECC)
Sunday June 4 -Tuesday June 6, 2023

Immediately after the 7-Day Mahayana Sesshin, May 28 - June 3

* Limited to 20 participants. Open to all men in the Four-Year Four Yana program and the One-Year Big Mind Zen Program. Open to others as space permits. *

This retreat is an extraordinary opportunity to explore — in person and directly with Genpo Roshi — how to work with power and energy to transmit the Dharma. 

Genpo Roshi will focus on our capacity and potential to give and receive energy through the tanden and kikai located in the hara, the lower abdomen which is the site of our internal compass, and the center of power and energy radiating throughout our entire body and beyond.  The potential to use that energy and power to transmit the Dharma arises more fully in the fourth and fifth stages of Tozan’s Five Ranks (or the ninth and tenth of the Ten Oxherding Pictures), beyond the absolute (shunyata), coming from the source and returning to the marketplace, ‘with gift-bestowing hands.’

Following directly after the final sesshin of the third, Mahayana year of the Four-Year Four Yana Program, this retreat transitions and introduces us to the Fourth Yana, the Vajrayana, which will be the subject of the coming year of the Program.

*  *  *

Schedule:  Roshi will be teaching 10:00 am to 12 noon and 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm.  Other details to be announced..

Location: The Wasatch Conference Center (Episcopal Conference Center) in the heart of the city, where many Kanzeon/Big Mind events have been held in the past.  Address: 200 East 75 South, SLC, UT 84101

The ECC offers convenient and economical lodging in the center itself, as well as a kitchen and dining area for lodgers, but guest room spaces are limited.  To see details or book a reservation, click here:

For more information about this event or questions about registration and payment, contact Bruce or phone 801-244-4940

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