The One-Year Big Mind Zen Program

Big Mind Zen is a 21st century practice dedicated to and for Westerners who wish to go to the depths of Zen realization and actualization.  It integrates traditional Zen training, including elements of Soto and Rinzai Zen as well as Vajrayana, and the Big Mind process, in a time when we are realizing more deeply than ever the uncertainty of life and the importance of having a real sitting practice along with a greater appreciation of life and the impermanence of all things as well as oneself.

The One-Year Big Mind Zen Program is designed for those who would like to go deeper into Zen practice and feel a one-year commitment to their practice will be valuable, enjoyable and timely for them.

The Program, which begins this year with the 3-Day Workshop September 10-12, offers the following Events and Resources, all of which are included for the year’s tuition. To Sign Up for the One Year Program scroll down to the registration box below.  As a participant you will automatically receive all Zoom links and notifications you will need via email.

Events and Resources:

  • Three 3-Day Workshops with Genpo Roshi
  • One 7-Day Retreat with Genpo Roshi
  • Access to weekly "Sangha Tuesday" and "Sangha Thursday" Zoom sessions exclusively for participants in the One-Year Program
  • Member Sunday Talks
  • Access to the all the video recordings of the One-Year Program
  • Access to the entire Big Mind Zen Media Archive


To receive the greatest benefit from this program Genpo Roshi recommends sitting on your own at least 20 to 30 minutes daily, or as much as your schedule permits. He is offering his 50 years of experience and training to enable you to go as deep as possible in your Zen practice, but ultimately it’s up to you to make it happen. You will be expected to attend all the events and to study the reading material he suggests.

Topics to be covered with Genpo Roshi will include:

The Six Paramitas:

²  Dana (generosity)      ²  Sila (discipline)    ²  Ksanti (patience, perseverance) 

²  Virya (effort, energy)     ²  Samadhi (meditation, concentration)     ²  Prajna (wisdom)

The Five Poisons:

Ignorance  ²  Delusion  ²  Attachment, clinging  ²  Hatred, resentment, fear, aversion  ²  Pride  ²  Envy and Jealousy

Readings: Click to read or download

Genpo Roshi - Introduction to the Six Paramitas

Taizan Maezumi:  Practice the Paramitas

Chögyam Trungpa: Paramitas: Techniques of Nongrasping

Identity of Relative and Absolute (Sandokai)

Sangha Tuesdays and Thursdays for One-Year Program Participants

These meetings on Zoom are held on Tuesdays at 11:00 am Mountain Time and Thursdays at 7:00 pm Mountain Time (except during weeks when Retreats or Trainings are scheduled).  Meetings are led by one of the following:  Mark Kanchi Esterman Roshi, Mary Ellen Seien Sloan Sensei,  Chris Jikishin Von Wolkahof Sensei, Alexandra Mushin Gericke Sensei, Charlotte Jigen Juul Hoshi, Bruce Hogen Lambson Hoshi, and Bruce Kenjin Guo Roshi.  Participants are encouraged to join in to discuss any questions or thoughts related to Genpo Roshi’s talks, the Readings, or their own personal practice.  Zoom links for these events noting who will be hosting the next meeting will be sent to all Program participants.

Sangha Meeting Dates & Hosts

         Tuesday 11:00 am MT                                  Thursday 7:00 pm MT

14-Mar                 Mushin Sensei                  16-Mar                   Jigen Hoshi

21-Mar                 Kanchi Roshi                       23-Mar                 Kenjin Roshi

28-Mar                 Seien Sensei                      30-Mar                   Kanchi Roshi

4-Apr                     Mushin Sensei                  6-Apr                     Seien Sensei

11-Apr                  Hogen Hoshi                      13-Apr                  Kenjin Roshi

18-Apr                  Jigen Hoshi                         20-Apr                  Hogen Hoshi

25-Apr                  Mushin Sensei                  27-Apr                  Jigen Hoshi

2-May                   Kenjin Roshi               ___   4-May                   Kanchi Roshi

9-May                   Kanchi Roshi                      11-May                 Seien Sensei

16-May                 Seien Sensei                      18-May                 Hogen Hoshi

23-May                 Mushin Sensei                  25-May                 Jigen Hoshi

30-May                      Sesshin                            1-Jun                        Sesshin

Who's Who?

Kanchi Roshi - Mark Esterman

Seien Sensei - Mary Ellen Sloan

Jikishin Sensei - Christian von Wolkahof

Mushin Sensei - Alexandra Gericke

Jigen Hoshi - Charlotte Juul

Hogen Hoshi - Bruce Lambson

Kenjin Roshi - Bruce Kenjin Guo

Full Schedule Information

All the Events for the One-Year Program are chronologically listed in the box below. Check back here as we add new events during the year. If you have already signed up for the One-Year Program you will automatically receive Zoom links and other pertinent information about these events. You do not have to register for any of these events here.

If you are reading this and are not a participant in the One-Year Program, you can still attend the Workshops and Retreats that are listed here as standalone events. Click on the Event you are interested in and you will be sent to the registration page for that event where you can see pricing information and other details.

To Sign up for the One-Year Program click on that item in the list below and you will be taken to the registration page.  Questions? Need Assistance? Contact Bruce Lambson

One-Year Big Mind Zen Program Schedule: Participants do not need to register here, links will come to you automatically

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