“Returning to the Source” Sesshin
with Mushin Sensei

Thursday May 4 – Sunday May 7, 2023
Pauenhof, Germany

Pauenhof SesshinThis Sesshin will be held at ‘Pauenhof’, where last year’s summer retreat with Genpo Roshi and the transmission ceremony for Mushin Sensei took place. It is an auspicious Buddhist retreat place with buildings that go back to the 15th century, located in the open countryside of the Lower Rhine region, bordering on Holland and close to Belgium.

“I very much look forward to going back to Pauenhof to hold sesshin for the first time, to connect with each other and to meet new and familiar faces. My hope is for us to have a focused and dedicated practice together with deep silent sitting as well as a joyful and relaxed time.

"Sesshin is an excellent container to let go of the self, to surrender to not knowing and open up to what arises – in sitting but also while chanting, bowing, working and eating together, resting or sleeping. ‘Surrender to the Source’ is an invitation for us to connect deeply, to bring forth that which is already there, to awaken to and trust our own beingness – gate gate paragate parasamgate.”

All are welcome! To Register via Mushin Sensei's Momoyoga Site Click Here...


Start: Thursday at 3 pm / It is possible to arrive at Pauenhof already Wednesday.
End: Sunday, May 7 around 3 pm


Location: Pauenhof e.V. Meditationszentrum, Pauendyck 1, 47665 Sonsbeck, Germany
Click here for directions in both German and English.

Lodging and meals: Pauenhof offers lodging and delicious vegan / vegetarian meals on-site. Cost for accommodation vary with type of room from €12 – €45 / night. If you prefer a single room, be quick to reserve one.
Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, fruit, tea & coffee) are €35 / day (sesshin counts as three days).

Please make your reservations and payment for lodging and meals directly with Ilka at Pauenhof: ilka@pauenhof.de (English or German)

Retreat cost: €300 / €150 – according to what fits your life and income. (The retreat cost does not include meals and lodging).

To REGISTER Click Here

What to bring and wear: Comfortable dark clothing or robes in the zendo (meditation hall).
Bring your own sheets and towels, or rent them for €10.

Feel free to contact Mushin Sensei with any additional questions, concerns or requests.

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