What is Dharma Transmission?

3 Jun 2022 11:30 AM | Genpo Roshi (Administrator)

True Dharma Transmission is extremely rare.  It can only occur when Buddha meets Buddha.

Timing is everything.  Perfect timing is always at the precise moment when each person is present in the right position, in the perfect place and with just the right amount, neither too much nor too little, too soon or too late.

The master must see the true Buddha in the vessel to be transmitted to, and step down off the high seat, energetically as well as physically.  The master’s responsibility is to see it is Buddha recognizing Buddha and relinquish his or her position and power to the disciple.  The disciple must be completely open, receptive and trusting in the master.

To step down is what is so difficult for the master until he or she knows with absolute certainty that energetically the disciple is ready for the transmission of Buddha to Buddha.  The master invites the successor energetically as well physically to take the high seat the seat of power.  It is only when the master knows with absolute certainty that it is the right moment to peck from outside the shell, just as the disciple or chick is ripe and ready to hatch.  Timing is everything.

Karma, training and generosity are absolutely essential for successor as well as for master.  Everything that has preceded this moment throughout time and space, everything that has been gone through, has been absolutely essential.  There are no accidents.  Dharma is very precise.  Karma is essential here.  The disciple has his or her karma gift as a gem to be unveiled.

At this moment the master and the student know in a non-knowing way what the essential purpose and karma are for this particular vehicle: Buddha manifesting as these two life forms or manifestations at this moment in time and space.  Time and space do not exist and yet are absolutely essential for this moment.

The transmission ceremony is maintained as a manifestation for this in form, but for the transmission to be absolutely genuine it is also essential that it occur in the reality of an energy empowering the new Buddha.


  • 25 Jun 2022 10:23 PM | Anonymous member
    Hmmmmmm…how thick is this shell that needs pecking? A millimeter or a lifetime?

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