Finding A Upaya That Works For You

19 Oct 2022 2:00 PM | Genpo Roshi (Administrator)

If we practice long enough, we will go through all sorts of things.  And there’s no one answer, there’s no right answer.  Whatever we find that works to deepen and advance our practice is our upaya, is our skillful means.  And whatever works today may not work tomorrow or worked yesterday, but it worked today.  Nothing works all the time.  It’s like having one wrench one size, but not all bolts are the same size.  So that wrench will only work some times when the bolt is the right size.  It won’t work all the time.  It’s the same.  Nothing works forever, nothing works all the time.  So we’re in a constant state of learning and experimenting.

That makes up what we call L-I-F-E.  That makes up our life itself.  The realization is: it’s all my life.  There’s nothing here that’s happening that’s outside my life.  How could it be?  And my life is not outside what’s happening here, and what’s happening here is not outside my life.  My life IS what’s happening, and what’s happening IS my life.  So we just constantly find our way, or discover or refine our way.  Refine over and over again.  It’s all a process of refining our life, or you could say refinding our life.


  • 24 Oct 2022 12:03 PM | Anonymous
    I had to read the text twice, but I´m not sure if I have understood the text in the right way. For me the text means that I have to accept the negative things which happen to me , because they are also part of my life and i have to hope that that what didn´t work yesterday will work in the next week. But does it also means that I repeat the same next week and it will hopefully work?
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