When We Take Full Responsibility, There’s No Fear

23 Jan 2023 3:44 PM | Genpo Roshi (Administrator)

When we take full responsibility for action and reaction, for cause and effect, which is karma, when we take full responsibility for it and we don’t ever project it out there on anything or anybody else— not on God, not on Buddha, not on our husband or our wife, not on our friends, not on our circumstances — we take one hundred percent responsibility for everything, there’s no fear.

Because fear comes from the fact that anything could happen.  We’re in fear because we feel that we are out of control.  “I ran into a car.  That jerk pulled out in front of me, and I ran into his car, and it’s his fault!”  Right?  And then I’m always worried: ‘That car’s going to hit me!.’  ‘I’m going to get run over!’  You see what I’m talking about?

But when I take full responsibility, I don’t put it out there.  So I don’t have any fear, because it’s my life.  You could say I’m in control, or I’m the master, or I’m the boss of my life, in full control.  It’s not about controlling somebody else; it’s about controlling my own self, my own person — and there’s no fear.

So there’s only fear when I’m being irresponsible.  I don’t feel irresponsible just because I blame somebody for running into me, but it’s still not taking full responsibility, hundred percent responsibility for cause and effect, for action and reaction.  It’s so simple.

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