You're the puppeteer, not the puppet

1 Oct 2023 12:27 PM | Genpo Roshi (Administrator)


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We've got to go through it. We've got to give it all up and we are not willing to and then we can't   then we complain. We can't complain.

Nobody is doing anything to us. We are both the creator and that which is created in our life.

If you look behind the scenes, you're the puppeteer, you're not the puppet. We act like we're the puppet, but we don't accept that we're the puppet, we think we're the puppeteer. No, we are the puppeteer. We are the one pulling the strings.

We are the one creating karma, and we are the result of the karma. We are all of it. We create our karma, and we are the result, we are the karma. Nothing is happening from any place else. There is no else. There is no other.

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