You have to want to persevere

1 Oct 2023 12:28 PM | Genpo Roshi (Administrator)


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There's always the two aspects, that which is beyond time and space, and that which is within time and space. The self is within time and space, no-self is outside of time and space. They're both true, both realities are true, the real reality and the apparent reality, but they're both true, absolute and apparent. But they're both reality and together they're a whole reality, not incomplete, not half-assed.

And we have to really want to persevere, to keep going. We stop somewhere, we get a good understanding, it works for me, it fulfills all my ideas and notions of what Zen is, and I want to do that, and it feels good, and it works, and I want to hang on to that. And man, we are so stuck, oh my god, and we can't pierce that veil.

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