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The Six Paramitas: A 3-Day Workshop with Genpo Roshi

Friday March 3 - Sunday March 5, 2023 on Zoom

"The Paramitas are a roadmap to the Zen experience." *

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This event is open to the Public. It is part of a series of three 3-Day Workshops led by Genpo Roshi working with the Big Mind process to illuminate the Six Paramitas and help students to experience for themselves the deep meaning behind these ancient teachings.

What are the Six Paramitas? 

Since the time of the Buddha, the Paramitas, or ‘transcendent perfections,’ have been seen as the characteristics of enlightened beings who have reached ‘the other shore.’  And yet these qualities are innate within each of us, the source of a meaningful and happy life, and each of us has the capacity to awaken them within ourselves.

This year’s series of workshops on the Six Paramitas led by Genpo Roshi are your opportunity to enrich and deepen your practice by experiencing the reality of the Paramitas, in real time in your own life.

²  Dana (generosity)      

²  Sila (discipline)    

²  Ksanti (patience, perseverance) 

²  Virya (effort, energy)     

²  Samadhi (meditation, concentration)     

²  Prajna (wisdom)

*  Click here to read an excerpt from a talk by Genpo Roshi on the Paramitas

Schedule (US Mountain Standard Time)
11:00 - 11:45 am:   Sitting Meditation 
12:00 -   2:00 pm:   Genpo Roshi teaching

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