Part 5 — The Point

By exploring Big Mind we learn to be fully functioning human beings capable of acting from places of true insight and love. And this is what it’s all about. All the Buddhist practices—sitting, Big Mind, and so on—are skillful means, all for the purpose of building character, consciousness, and awareness so that our functioning is coming from wisdom and compassion. This is really the point. It’s the point of Zen, it’s the point of Buddhism, it’s the point of all the great religious and wisdom traditions I know. If more and more of us are not functioning with wisdom and compassion toward all beings, if we’re not seeing that everything is really oneself or an extension or manifestation of Big Mind, then we fall into fear, jealousy, greed, and hatred, all based on this illusion of separateness. Seeing ourselves as separate and apart from the great earth, from the mountains, rivers and oceans, we tend to abuse one another and the planet itself. So I think it’s critical at this point in time that we wake up and we function with wisdom, compassion, and awareness.

by Zen Master D. Genpo Merzel

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2 thoughts on “Part 5 — The Point”

  1. Yes! That is the point. There is no other. However i feel that how much i unfold my soul, how much i go to that place of oneness to act from there, i find that people cultivate negative feelings towards me. And comes to my mind Jesus being cruxcified for acting from this place of impersonal love. So, perhaps if i live in a more transparent way, or surrounded with people from the same big mind place, i wouldn’t creat antagonism in people? I agree with you, we can’t contribute with any more inch of negativity in this planet so full of it!

    • Thank you, Genpo Roshi, for this beautiful series of essays. The point of the universe is ‘everyone fully functioning’ and realizing their unique/original Greatness’ as an innate/inherent quality of ‘we-ness’. Elise, you might read GR’s essay on ‘I’m not OK, you’re not OK, and that’s OK’ to consider maybe it’s only a voice that sees the negativity. It’s another voice that calls you to sacrifice yourself. It’s another voice that sees the risk of radiating impersonal love. And you know you can allow these voices ‘a seat at the table’, so they are not disowned, so they are not generating any suffering. They have a job to do, and let them be okay to do it consciously, from aware mind. Peace, shalom and love.


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