Arts & Entertainment

Big Mind has helped me tremendously in my work as a musician and music producer. Gaining awareness of the different aspects of my self and the artists I work with has allowed the music to flow much more freely, from a deeper place, creating a stronger connection with the audiences it reaches.

Santiago Jimenez
Musician, Music Producer
Bogota, Colombia & New York


I use Big Mind almost daily with my clients in helping them shift from stuck patterns that stop them from being effortless in their performance of music, blocks in writing music, starting new projects, overcoming emotional blocks that lead to procrastination and many more facets of being a musician and music student. Big Mind can be used in many, many ways to help people see where they are stuck and move forward. The results have been phenomenal for my clients and my own teaching and coaching with my clients.

I plan on using Big Mind to specifically help groups of artists, writers, musicians and creatives to either : start art again, unblock their creative flow, help increase their productivity, help them to decide on career choices (to or away from the arts), money issues that arise around being an artist and many other facets. I would also like to work with executives and CEO’S who want to include art in their life but find it impossible due to demands to somehow integrate it in their lives by helping them see the value of art and it’s production in giving them some very needed time to rest and recharge and some time alone with just themselves (if needed).

Finally, Big Mind has profoundly influenced my life, the ways are countless. Genpo Roshi is a true Zen Master who has invented something that is revolutionary in the history of Zen. I have never met a master more capable then Genpo Roshi in leading individuals and very large groups to major transformational spaces. Genpo Roshi as my teacher has literally led me to living my life fully and without compromise or lack. I highly recommend the Big Mind process with Genpo Roshi, it is a rare gift that has the potential to transform the world as we know it.

Troy Lennerd
Composer, Guitarist, Instructor, Creativity Consultant
Salt Lake City, Utah

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