I am a strategist in health care, addressing problems for businesses and governments around the world. Clients come to me with problems they feel are unsolvable, frequently in crisis or at the very least, under great stress and facing looming deadlines. My role is to remain calm, focused and reassuring as we venture into the unknown together. I feel my own stresses keenly much of the time. The prospect of failure adds distress for all of us. In health care; failure means suffering and death for many people may result.

Early on in this work, in private moments I blew off steam by being angry at the relative – the situation, people or bureaucracies involved; berating unfairness and stupidity. Later, escaped into the absolute – “bailing out” every night. Those ways of coping had merits, but BigMind brought me to the best place of all. First, I now have a way to work “through and with” the issues involved and my reactions to them. Second, my mind is considerably more flexible and does not get “stuck” as readily. Third, I have a new ability to recognize much of my own suffering can be eased by “unsticking” in a few minutes of BigMind practice. Fourth, my mind is better able to hold (and gently so) whatever the range of realities and emotions, even when they seem opposite and contradictory. All this means that I am more open to new ideas and solutions, less defensive about my own values, positions and preferences, experience less stress, fear and anxiety and am better able to serve clients and solve problems.

I’d like to see more people in business develop BigMind skills and think our work would benefit from it. The investment required is well worth it and pays off in large dividends and in many ways.

Glenna M. Crooks
PhD, Pres. & CEO, Strategic Health Policy International

In the twenty plus years I’ve been an engineer and manager I have had the privilege of forming and leading some great teams developing disruptive and highly successful products, silicon, software and services for the computer industry, cellular phone industry, Wireless LAN, GPS and Broadband markets. I love working with people and developing great products.

In the marketplace world of the business person or professional there are basically three things that really matter and I have found that utilizing the Big Mind process has a dramatic positive impact for all three. The simple beauty of success is really no more than knowing what to do, having the team to do it and then doing whatever it takes as a team to get it done. What keeps any team or enterprise from being successful is being or becoming stuck or somehow falling short of the mark on any one of these three things. I find healthy living, exercise, continuous study and meditation all really helpful but the clarity of insight using the Big Mind process can provide a quantum shift right where and when you need it.

Knowing what to do means you have crafted a compelling vision. In business this means releasing products that change the way people live, work and play. The principle difficulty in coming up with this vision is overcoming the inertia of the past, the comfort zone of the known and the herd mentality of mainstream thinking. The insights into our own perceptions, ways of thinking and awareness using the Big Mind Zen process continuously enable us to see where the lines of our limitations are drawn, to uncover and become aware of our own blind spots. With this enhanced clarity of perception we unlock the limitless energy of genuine creativity using both sides of our brain and the best unbounded free thinking from the entire team. I have used different meditative practices including TM for over 37 years and I can unequivocally say that adding the Big Mind process to any of these sitting practices brings great clarity along with greater understanding as we strive to see things as they are and plan for the compelling successful future vision.

Having the team to deliver your products or services means having great people and having them work together effectively. Forming and leading teams as a player coach is a source of great joy in my life. Most great managers know that to have a great team means you must have a foundation of trust, an environment of clear honest communication, accountability, high standards and focus on the end goal rather than self interest. The team bonding, empathy and open communication that comes from applying the Big Mind process with a team is simply unparalleled.

Finally, doing whatever it takes to get things done means having an inclusive and comprehensive planning process which takes that effective team to their goal. It also means seeing the big picture across the entire portfolio and across time. This takes some tooling when you have dozens of projects but just as importantly it takes teams and leaders with openness in communication, responsibility rather than blame, clarity of perception and wisdom to act. In the heat of the moment, the calmness and clarity that Big Mind along with a sitting practice brings is an amazing and powerful tool. When you have done all your homework, have listened actively with great presence to all the data from all the sources and are at one with your true nature and trusting what comes up, great decisions with sound judgment flow naturally. And the teams have fun in this demanding environment built on trust, openness and great faith that you will win no matter what.

John Quigley
Managing Partner, Grey Matter Partners
CEO, Big Mind Inc.

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