My profession is in the realm of personal and leadership development. Incorporating Big Mind together with deliberate practice, I conduct leader development programs that participants describe as highly relevant, personal and transformative. This is done both in group facilitation and individual coaching. Big Mind has proven to be the most effective means for helping leaders quickly connect with profound and life-changing awareness, which when applied through intentional action, leads to sustained and transformative change, effectiveness and success. I can see future application of Big Mind in the areas of group and organizational effectiveness, creation of collective purpose, and more seamless inclusion of the gifts of all people within an organization and organizations within markets.

Philip Oude-Vrielink
Private and Organizational Consulting, Yoga and Meditation Teacher
Melbourne, Australia

Big Mind has become an essential part of all my coaching, as it is a very practical, very immediate and therefore extremely helpful tool for this area.

For example when a person expresses a specific fear, I let her speak as that fear and guide her through the process, possibly bringing in other voices as appropriate. Or if there is a goal she wants to reach, I let her speak as the one who has already reached the goal. Or when she can’t accept her current situation, I let her speak as the one who resists the situation, explore that resistance, and then let her speak as the one who fully accepts the situation ,and so on.

In my experience, people very much enjoy working with Big Mind and often have very deep experiences with it. As a coach, I find that it gets to the really important issues very fast and is highly effective in undoing knots.

Big Mind has transformed not only my practice but my whole life. Previously, my life was divided into two: my meditation times and my living my life times. Ever since I have gotten to know Big Mind, I am living ONE life. I use Big Mind all day long in all kinds of situations and I use it in my meditation to sit in specific voices.

My mind has become much more flexible as I can move between innumerable perspectives. And the more I use Big Mind, the more I integrate all the qualities of my human nature, and the fuller and more whole my life becomes. And what continues to amaze me is that Big Mind is the most fun practice one could imagine. It’s an endless and often surprising exploration not only of the Self but also of innumerable dimensions of consciousness and states of awareness.

I see Big Mind having a great impact everywhere there are coaching situations. Corporate leaders who attended a Management Seminar I conducted using the Big Mind process assessed it as the best seminar they had ever had. I expect to see Big Mind used in sports (I would very much like to work with soccer-teams), in schools, in psychiatric clinics and hospitals, in rehabilitation-clinics and so on.

Sahaja Nadia Lienert
Leadership and Holistic Living Coach, Author
Lucerne, Switzerland

I incorporate Big Mind in conflict and mindfulness coaching and training. It beautifully supports us in reconnecting with our ‘blind’ or dormant side, when we are stuck and define ourselves as ‘all or nothing,’ e.g., ‘I have no empathy’ or ‘I just hate that other person’. As we increase our familiarity with aspects of self or voices within, we also increase the chance that next time that voice is speaking we will note it as a voice expressing itself, not a truth, not anything but a voice which we can choose to dismiss or explore. The Big Mind Process makes it so much easier to work with ‘stuckness,’ since it enables us to realize that there is always an element of the self, however minute it may be, that is not stuck, not depressed, not part of the hungry ghost. When that ‘other aspect’ enters the space and grows through exploration, magic happens.

It is a privilege to sit holding the space when we transcend a voice and participants have the ‘wow’ or ‘bliss’ experience along with the wisdom of the voice. One client commented that a single session of Big Mind was better than months of therapy and that she was so surprised at some of the things she had heard herself say during the session. The focus was compassion for self, and the transcendent wisdom and experience of it is still with her now, months later.

Currently I am planning to use Big Mind with two small groups of people who have attended our Mindfulness workshops. I would love to use it much more with couples and people in conflict, both in pre-mediation work and in the actual mediation.

Charlotte Thaarup-Owen
Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) Teacher, Executive and Life Coach
Newcastle, Australia

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