Big Mind has brought me greater clarity and intimacy with my life.  It has allowed me to see where I’m stuck; to see what is holding me back; and to be more compassionate with my self and others.

In my work as an attorney Big Mind has enabled me to recognize how my relationships with colleagues and many of my responses to them, to new situations and challenges come from habitual patterns. Seeing this in myself, I understand better where others are coming from, and knowing that every aspect of the other is an aspect or voice within me I can respond with more empathy and compassion..

As an attorney, one of the most important voices to own has been the thinking mind.  By owning it I have been able to be more respectful of others’ perspective and views, and to see that my view is only partial and incomplete.  This has helped make my work much less stressful, in part because I have let go of trying to control others.  This doesn’t mean that I am not working to influence the outcome of the decisions of judges and other decision makers; I am just not as attached to the outcome, yet I still work to provide excellent representation for my clients.  By owning these voices and others, I have been able to work with my clients much most effectively, provide more wise and realistic advice and allow them to broaden their perspectives as well.

I believe Big Mind could substantially improve the ways lawyers interact with each other and their clients.  It could also bring them greater peace of mind and equanimity. After a few years of practicing law many lawyers want to do something other than be a lawyer. This is due in part to the stress and lack of fulfillment in their career.  If they could experience Big Mind as a practice and fully own the thinking mind and other voices they might stop seeing themselves as victims of their profession and clients and be able to really reengage with their profession in a new, more energetic and profitable way.

Mary Ellen Sloan
Attorney-at-Law, Private Practice
Former Salt Lake County Deputy District Attorney and
Assistant Division Director, Civil Division

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