Conversations with Wendy Kay, December 2012

      Health and Wellness

Practical Karma: The Coach Approach Host      Wendy Kay

Looking Into the Mind & Path Of One Of The World’s Top Zen Masters & Spiritual Teachers, Genpo Roshi

Part 1 – December 24, 2012
Part 2: December 31,  2012

Don’t miss this Two-Part Series as Wendy Kay talks with one of the World’s Top Zen Masters & Great Spiritual Teacher, Genpo Merzel Roshi. Wendy opens up the discussion to reveal the Mind & Path of Genpo Roshi to best depict the Zen Practice & Experience so that we may all better understand what it’s all about. What she finds, is that we all experience similar “enlightenment” when it comes to Spiritual “Seeking,” and further confirms to herself that we are all of the same Oneness.

Genpo Roshi offers much more of his teachings, in various forms, that can be found at One who has dedicated his life to the experience of enlightenment, for over four decades, through self-reflection, conscious meditative practices and observation has so much to offer in the realm of your own awakening – exposure to others and awareness of self always triggers the clues to those who seek.

What will You find out about yourself today from listening to One whose Life Path has been to find “Real” & “Truth?”

Livestream or Download Part One

Livestream or Download Part Two


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