Instructions for Joining the 3-Day Intensive Big Mind Zen — Zoom Video Conference

One-Year Big Mind Zen Program
Zoom Video Conference
Friday – Sunday, September 10 – 12, 2021
Meditation 9:00 am – 10:00 am (optional)  •  Roshi 11:00 am – 2:00 pm MT each day


Thank you for registering, we are glad you will be joining us!

Please note that each day’s meditation period and teaching period has a different Zoom Meeting URL link, meeting ID and password, and so the links, meeting IDs and passwords for each event (or the phone number if you are joining by phone) are different and unique. 

If you click on the zoom link, you will not need to enter the password.
If you join a meeting by manually entering the meeting ID, you will need to enter the password.

When you click on the Zoom meeting link you’ll be placed in a waiting room until admitted. In order to be admitted please identify yourself using your name. This precaution is necessary in order to protect the meeting from hacking.

Roshi requests that you turn on your camera during his teaching sessions.

If you have any questions or comments for Genpo Roshi, contact Mary Ellen by email.  For questions concerning access to the Zoom Meeting program, email Mark at

If you have not used Zoom before, please familiarize yourself with these general instructions:

  • Click on the Zoom meeting link 10 minutes before the event begins.
  • Unless you’ve already downloaded the Zoom app you’ll be prompted to download it, and after doing so click on join the meeting.
  • Be sure your audio and video are working correctly. The best audio quality is achieved with a quiet room and use of ear buds or a headset.
  • You’ll start the call muted, and when you feel moved to speak, please raise your hand.  The Raise Hand button is located at the bottom of the Participant list (which can be accessed by clicking on the “Participants” icon at the bottom of the Zoom window).
  • The best video quality is achieved while sitting in a distraction-free space where you can have your hands free and have some light on your face.
  • The Gallery View and the Speaker View and can be selected in the upper right corner of the Zoom window.

Please note:  Links to recordings of the zoom meetings are posted on this page as soon as possible after the meetings.  Due to limits on our storage space in the cloud, older recordings eventually have to be cleared out to make room for newer ones.  Since these recordings will not be permanently accessible, we advise you to download ones you want to keep while they are available.

Friday September 10, 2021

Saturday September 11, 2021

Sunday September 12, 2021

Schedule of weekly meetings with Senseis
for participants in the One-Year Big Mind Zen Program

Program participants may attend either, both, or neither of these weekly meetings.  Zoom links for these events will be sent to all Program participants.

                      Tuesday 11am MT                 Wednesday 7pm MT
Week 1:                      Chris                                  Mark         

9/14, 9/15

Week 2:                      Mary Ellen                         Lynn
9/21, 9/22
Week 3:                      Chris                                  Mary Ellen
9/28, 9/29
Week 4:                      Lynn                                   Mark
10/5, 10/6
Week 5:                      Chris                                  Lynn
10/12, 10/13
Week 6:                      Mark                                  Mary Ellen
10/19, 10/20
Week 7:                      Chris                                  Mark
10/26, 10/27
Week 8:                      Mary Ellen                          Lynn   
11/2, 11/3
Week 9:                       Chris                                  Mary Ellen 
11/9, 11/10
Week 11:                      Lynn                                  Mark
11/16, 11/17
Week12:                        This is Thanksgiving week, T.B.D.   

E-mail addresses to contact Genpo Roshi and Teachers to request individual meetings:
Genpo Merzel Roshi
Mark Daitoku Esterman Sensei
Mary Ellen Seien Sloan Sensei
Chris Jikishin von Wolkahof Sensei
Lynn Shozen Holbrook Sensei (not currently available for individual meetings)         

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