Active Student, Member, Personal Study with Genpo Roshi

For those who wish to have a continuing relationship with Genpo Roshi and to support his teaching toward a world ruled not by fear but by wisdom, love and compassion, finding purpose in serving and awakening others with respect and dignity towards all beings. You may choose to be either an Active Student or Member, or to engage in Personal Study with him. Your tax deductible donations will help sustain the Big Mind/Big Heart International Community, and make the teachings more accessible throughout the world.

As an Active Student Member you are entitled to:

  • Personal guidance from Roshi
  • Monthly Zoom Conference with Roshi
  • Email and phone contact with him
  • 20% off all events
  • Monthly, quarterly or yearly payment plans available.

The donation for Active Student Member is $2500 yearly.*

Big Mind Membership is also available, and entitles you to

  • Guidance from Roshi in creating your personal practice
  • Monthly Zoom Conference with Roshi
  • 15% discount on all events

The donation for Members is  $500/year. *

Personal work

Roshi is available for 60-minute sessions, or one to five days of in-person work for $2,000 per day.

* For information about becoming an Active Student Member or Big Mind Member, and about available payment plans, or about personal work with Roshi, please contact Bruce by email  or 1-801-328-8414.

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