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Explore different paths for working with Genpo Roshi, as a student, member, or through personal work.

About Big Mind
Read about the essentials of the Genpo Roshi’s Big Mind Process and see videos of him explaining the process and facilitating it with live audiences.

Using Big Mind
In addition to being a transformative personal and spiritual growth practice, Big Mind has proven to be a brilliantly effective tool in diverse professional fields. Here are some of the individuals who are already using the Big Mind Process to advance their professions and outcomes.

What’s it like to experience Genpo Roshi’s teaching in a Big Mind workshop, retreat, or training?

Big Mind Facilitation
A listing of practitioners who have completed the initial 18 days of training in the use of the Big Mind Process and are committed to remain aligned with Genpo Roshi, its founder and creator through continued training.

Some of the activities supported by your tax-deductible donations, and how to donate.

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