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From a college professor after a visit by Genpo Roshi:

My class LOVED the experience. I got nothing but positive feedback from them. Some of them went home and meditated in the voice of the Awakened Self and two of the students who said that also said they had never meditated in their lives! Others said they had never experienced anything like it and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Thank you so much for coming. They are all going to remember that experience for a very long time and some of them will never forget it!

A young student’s perspective

What makes a great master/ teacher is their entire life. Can you point to someone’s life? Is what made Trungpa an amazing teacher his books? Genpo makes this clear to us, that the teaching is your life. His history is interesting, not because of the way it looks on paper but because he embodies the process of evolution, and the integration of his teachings with his life experience. It is rare to interact with such a profound teacher, one who has gone through so many processes, extremes, and evolutions and to witness him integrate it all before your eyes. His life has been deeply experienced from a variety of perspectives, and this is the essence of his teachings. He has gone through falls, humility, and made mistakes. Yet he has learned, integrated, and embodies so much harmony, depth, clarity, and maturity through them. So, if you really want to know why I wrote this letter about him, or what really makes him worth meeting, you’d just have to meet him yourself. 

A letter to Genpo Roshi from an individual who worked with him personally:

I just wanted to write to let you know briefly what happened as a result of our last conversation. You may remember that you gave me a koan to sit with no hope. Since I was already pretty close to the point of no hope anyway, I decided I had very little to lose by following your advice. It seems irrational, but I had some intuition that, as crazy as it seemed on one level, it just might be the right thing to do. So I sat with no hope.

[…] A couple of days ago, it all came to a head. I decided that I had utterly failed in my attempt to become spiritually enlightened. I gave up all hope that it would happen in this lifetime. I decided that if I had to abide in this unbearable suffering until the release of death came, then that’s what I would have to do because there didn’t seem to be any other alternative. Somehow in that moment, all my suffering disappeared and I experienced peace. I guess I finally gave up completely and stopped blocking it.

[…] I’m beginning to think now of what I could do to help others. I’ve learned a tremendous amount through my struggles all these years. I hope somehow to help people going through similar struggles that I went through. I feel like I am finally ready to do something for others to make my life meaningful.

Thank you for your help. You helped me finally get over the hump. I don’t feel like I attained anything. I just got rid of extraneous misunderstandings that were causing suffering.

Why I am your student

To be honest, I never asked myself that question. It feels so natural, like for ages, even if the lightning of your teachings hits my life very late.

I won the karmic lottery reading Big Mind. After only two pages I started to question my whole life, ran out of my house and went to a waterfall. After a while watching water falling, the whole world turned into a great perfection. Nothing was wrong or missing. I experienced The Four Noble Truths in action.

[…] Having decades of experience hosting guests in a big Dharma center, I have met many teachers and could compare. Some of them have spiritual power and charisma like you. But I didn’t meet a teacher who is so fearless and open, who has the ability to hold the space and meet the student totally with all motions and imperfections. It’s a kind of teaching, I have been looking for my whole life.

[…] I can also learn a lot, watching the loving, supporting and forgiving way you deal with people. Even with those who give you a hard time. You still trust them and enable the people to grow, rise beyond themselves. You are opening not only my mind, but also my heart. I feel very fortunate and honored to be your student.

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