5-Day Big Heart Retreat – The Caribbean

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* Limited to 7 People *


While the window of opportunity is still open, don’t miss this amazing chance to work intensively with Roshi in a very small group. These events have proven to be the most effective means for Roshi to transmit his 50 years of Zen practice to you. Past participants have turned their practice around and deepened their understanding of life, transforming both their personal lives and careers as well as their spiritual practice.



This Big Heart Retreat is particularly unusual in that it will be held at sea, in the beautiful Caribbean aboard John Quigley’s new, state-of-the-art yacht, the Mahasattva. Participants will fly into Argyle International Airport (SVD) in St. Vincent and the Grenadines as early as October 2, departing October 13 or 16.



Big Heart Retreats are the principal means of raising funds to support Genpo Roshi’s Big Mind/Big Heart work throughout the world, and his way of giving back in gratitude and appreciation to those who are able to contribute so generously to sponsor his work, to expand live and virtual teaching programs, provide scholarships for qualified students to participate in Big Mind/Big Heart trainings, donate books and DVDs to the Prison Dharma Network and other worthy organizations, and lower the prices of our books, DVDs, web content and live Big Mind events.

Maximum: 7 people

Cost for the boat, berth, food, and drinks is $6000 per couple or person, and $9000 per person for Roshi’s teaching fee, total $15,000.  Guests pay $500 to $1000 per person gratuity for crew members.  (Cost for food on non-retreat days is $50 per day.)

Fly into St. Vincent (SVD) from Miami. Round trip is $500 on American Airlines

For more information about details of logistics and lodging contact John Quigley by email, otherwise contact Mary Ellen by email.

To register e-mail bmfinance@bigmind.org or call +1-801-328-8414.

All donations to Big Mind, Inc. are non-refundable.

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