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Kanzeon Big Mind Zen Members receive a variety of benefits to help with their practice, like a comprehensive set of classes and retreats, access to our Teachers via regular Zoom meetings and access to the over 3,600 audio and video recordings in our Big Mind Zen Media Archive. 

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Being a Member of the Kanzeon Big Mind Zen Sangha means you will be meeting, studying and practicing alongside a great group of like minded people from all over the world.

Our Sangha has long been a worldwide one because of the vision of Maezumi Roshi and the great efforts of his successor Genpo Roshi, who was encouraged by Maezumi Roshi to bring his Zen out into the world from the Los Angeles Zen Center. In the last 40 years Genpo Roshi has crisscrossed the United States and Europe many times, teaching students and training his own successor teachers. Those teachers now have Zen centers in the US, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Poland, France and elsewhere. 

In recent years we've made good use of the available technology to run almost all of our Classes and Retreats via Zoom. This has allowed our Sangha to grow in a new and amazing way. Instead of everybody traveling all over the world to see each other we can now study and practice together wherever we are. That being said, we are planning some events later in 2022 that will be both in person and on zoom simultaneously. We hope this will provide the best of both worlds.

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