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Letting Go / Letting Be
Saturday February 19 — Wednesday February 23

“True joy only comes after we let it all go.”
“If you can’t let it go, let it be.”

— Genpo Roshi

Letting Go and Letting Be — two teachings we can best grasp intuitively, without explanation or conceptual understanding.  How can we integrate them into our meditation, our daily practice — our life?
Free for participants of the Four-Year Four Yana Program; also open to all interested persons.

What are the Eight Beliefs of Buddhism?
Friday February 25 — Sunday February 27

“They are simple, yet they refer directly to the essence of the teaching.  If one understands these eight points clearly he can say that he knows what Buddhism is."
— Hakuun Yasutani Roshi (1966)

Open to All.  Minimum donation $150.


Friday, March 4 - Sunday March 6
Cause and effect.  So self-evident and indisputable, like gravity, why make a big deal about it?  Genpo Roshi has said, “My karma is my dharma.” What does that mean?  If your karma is your dharma, what is your dharma?
Free for participants of the One-Year Big Mind Zen Program; also open to all interested persons.

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