Genpo Roshi's Final European Tour Summer 2022

July 10:  Utrecht "Wisdom & Samadhi"   SOLD OUT!

July 11:  Utrecht "Roshi & Roshi"   SOLD OUT!

July 16-17:  Amsterdam A Weekend with Genpo Roshi

July 22:  Copenhagen Evening Seminar

July 23-24:  Copenhagen Weekend Workshop

August 1-5:  Copenhagen Retreat "Self-Power & Other-Power"

August 7-14:  Pauenhof  Germany Sesshin & Shiho

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Upcoming Events

Kanzeon Connect Newsletter 

"A Book of Ah!" by Hank Malinowski

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Women's Retreat in Salt Lake

The Big Mind Zen Media Archive

Newly Posted to the Media Archive! 

Recently discovered! Audio and video from the 2007 Great Sangha Gathering in Ameland, The Netherlands. Watch and listen as Roshi does Big Mind with this large group. You will also hear from many of Genpo Roshi's Successor Teachers. Good stuff!

"To Study the Self" by Genpo Roshi. This is the complete 6 volume series containing 31 videos. Check it out here. (scroll down a bit on the Index page). 

Access to the Media Archive is Free for Big Mind Members, Active Student Members, Media Archive Subscribers, and participants in the One Year Program, the Four Year Program or the Big Mind Facilitator Program.

The Media Archive is also available by subscription to any interested person who wants access to an unprecedented collection of Audio and Video Zen Talks and Big Mind sessions going back to the 1970's by multiple teachers. In addition, new material captured from our current events is posted soon after the event.

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"How I Teach Sitting Meditation Now" by Genpo Roshi. Click the picture to listen.

Genpo Roshi is currently offering the opportunity for in-person study with him at his home.  People can come individually or organize their own small group for this.

For information about scheduling, suggested donation, lodging and travel logistics, contact Bruce by email or phone 801-244-4940.

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