The Big Mind Zen Media Archive

This Big Mind Zen Media Archive is the culmination of a project started in the 1970's and finally digitized, catalogued, and presented here. It has taken thousands of hours of devoted and skillful efforts by generations of Zen students, and many thousands of dollars, to bring it to life.

The Archive consists of over 3,400 Audio and Video recordings of Zen Talks and Big Mind Zen sessions, including talks not only by Genpo Roshi but also his predecessors and successors — past, present and future — in the lineage. It provides a unique record of the history of the Kanzeon Sangha, and an invaluable resource for current and future Zen students.

Total access to the Archive is a benefit of being in one of our Membership programs. Your continued support via these programs ensure the continued availability and growth of this Archive in the future as we add new material.

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To Study the Self Video Series

"To Study the Self" is a 6 Volume series of Genpo Roshi's Big Mind Zen teachings filmed from 2004-2008 and contains over 35 hours of video. It has only been available on DVD until now. 

Volume 1 Big Mind Big Heart Revealed 

Volume 2 The Path of the Human Being

Volume 3 Awakened by the 10,000 Dharmas

Volume 4 From Student to Master

Volume 5 Masculine & Feminine Energies

Volume 6 The Teachings of Bodhidharma

Interviews with Genpo Roshi

Multiple Interviews of Genpo Roshi over the years.

Featured Interviewers are:

Iain McNay

Kelly Carlin

Peter Marshall

Tom Amarque

Janean Strong

Michael Neill

Hale Dwoskin

Facilitator Training Recordings

Tips for using the audio/video player.

Finding a talk: You will see that the talks are arranged as either Audio or Video by Year. Many of the talks have been grouped together in the box called Special Collections. The talks are sorted by date as Year/Month/Day. Example: 20070321 was recorded on March 21,2007. There are a series of control icons along the bottom that will allow you to start/stop, expand the video to full screen, adjust the volume, and with the settings button ( the "hexagon with a circle inside" icon) adjust the playback speed or turn on subtitles.

Search function: Each yearly or special collection has a search function for all the recordings in that specific collection.  The search tool is very powerful and actually searches the entire transcript of each audio and video file as well as the titles and dates. Experiment with the Search function and see what you find!

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