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The Big Mind Zen Media Archive

This Big Mind Zen Media Archive is the culmination of a project started in the 1970's and finally digitized, catalogued, and presented here. It has taken thousands of hours of devoted and skillful efforts by generations of Zen students, and many thousands of dollars, to bring it to life.

The Archive consists of over 2,200 Audio and Video recordings of Zen Talks and Big Mind Zen sessions, including talks not only by Genpo Roshi but also his predecessors and successors — past, present and future — in the lineage. It provides a unique record of the history of the Kanzeon Sangha, and an invaluable resource for current and future Zen students.

Your contribution as a Big Mind Member, Active Student Member, or participant in the One-Year Big Mind Zen Program or the Four-Year Four Yana Program gives you complete access to this Archive, and helps ensure that it will remain available and continue to grow in the future. In addition, we offer a Media Archive Total Access Monthly Subscription to the public for only $15 per month. Interested? Click here.

Tips for using the audio/video player.

Finding a talk: Start here on the Index page. You will see that the talks are arranged as either Audio or Video by year. When you click on a year, you'll be taken to a page that holds all the talks of that year. In some cases the files are grouped as a series of recordings from a particular Workshop or Retreat. 

Talks are sorted by date as Year/Month/Day. Example: 20070321 was recorded on March 21,2007. If you click on one of the talks it will open up into the Player where you can start it playing. There are a series of control icons along the bottom that will allow you to start/stop, expand the video to full screen, adjust the volume, and with the settings button ( the "hexagon with a circle inside" icon) adjust the playback speed or turn on subtitles.

Search: Each yearly or series collection has a search function for all the recordings in that specific collection.  The search tool is very powerful and actually searches the entire transcript of each audio and video file as well as the titles and dates. If you are interested in Koans, you can search using words like Koan, Mumonkan, Hekiganroku or just Case or Cases (Koans are often referred to as cases.) Using these search words you can turn up most of the talks on Koans. Another good search word is Introduction or just Intro. Using those search words you can find talks centering on beginning your Zen practice. You can also search by Teacher and just get all their talks. Experiment freely with the Search function and see what you find!

Subtitle Control: Probably the most innovative feature of this Archive is the option to view subtitles in both audio and video talks so you can read along as the talk plays. It's not perfect but generally very good and useful. To turn this on, click the little "hexagon with a circle inside" icon. A menu pops up where you can select Subtitles. The only choice so far is English but we hope to add other languages in the future when we think they are accurate enough.

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