Living Zen Classes with Genpo Roshi's Successor Teachers

"Practice is just another word for life, and so is Zen.  Zen is just another word for life.  But it’s a word that we can’t just know what it means.  So we have to question, well what is Zen?  And that’s the point.  The point is to question."

— Genpo Roshi

You are invited to join these twice-weekly Zoom meetings devoted to exploring the questions that lead us to Zen and may arise in our practice. 

Three successors of Genpo Roshi, each with different backgrounds and life experiences, and each having years of practice and study with Genpo Roshi, offer the fruits of their practice and knowledge of Genpo Roshi’s Big Mind Zen teachings and the treasures of Zen tradition to help you find your own way.

These meetings are included in all Kanzeon Membership levels.  New-comers and old-timers welcome. Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11:00 am Mountain Time, led by the three Successor Teachers in rotation.

Please note: when Mary Ellen Jisho Roshi is scheduled for a Thursday class, she will be offering private interviews (dokusan) about your practice and koan study (if you are doing that), but will not be hosting an open Zoom class. Students who wish to use this opportunity may click on the Zoom link for the day’s class, and will be placed in the Zoom waiting room until she admits them for their private session. 

These classes are included in all Kanzeon Membership levels.  Members will receive notifications and Zoom links automatically via email and do not have to register.

Also open to the Public for a $10.00 suggested donation.

Mark Kanchi Esterman Roshi

Mary Ellen Jisho Sloan Roshi

Alexandra Mushin Gericke Sensei

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