Samples from the Big Mind Zen Media Archive

The audio and video files shown below are examples of the content you will find in the Big Mind Zen Media Archive. It's hard to overstate the value contained in these teachings. We owe a debt of gratitude to the Zen teachers who gave these talks and their students who faithfully recorded and preserved them. Some of those students went on to become Zen teachers themselves, their views and understanding shaped by these talks.

Over the couple years or so almost all of our events have been held on Zoom, and we have been happily surprised at how well that works. You can see below what that is like. We will continue to host events on Zoom but will also begin resuming in-person events and hybrid events as soon as we can. Some of the newer videos will give you an idea of what a current Big Mind Zen session is like. We will be offering live in-person events in the coming months so stay tuned to our Events Calendar for more information.

Our Memberships have full access to the Big Mind Zen Media Archive, where we have posted over 3,600 audio and video Zen Talks and Big Mind Zen sessions. New material is also posted there regularly, along with other resources we have made available for Members.  

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