Big Heart Small Group Retreats

Big Heart Events are special 5 Day intensive retreats with Genpo Roshi that are limited to a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 7 participants who wish to go very deep into their personal practice.

Roshi has decided he will limit his exhaustive travel schedule and reserve his time and energy for those who are dedicated enough to come to him in Hawaii where he will be able to do his utmost to share the fruits of his 50 years of practice.

These retreats will be conducted near Genpo Roshi's home on the Big Island of Hawaii, about a 40 minute drive south from the airport in Kona-Kailua, and high on the mountainside overlooking the Pacific Ocean above the town of Captain Cook.

Details about the location, lodging, dining and transportation vary so be sure to check the exact information for each retreat listed below.

This is a remarkable opportunity to deepen your personal practice with the guidance of Genpo Roshi in a beautiful and relaxing setting with just a few other serious students.

Big Heart Retreats are also the principal means of raising funds to support Genpo Roshi’s Big Mind/Big Heart work throughout the world, to expand live and virtual teaching programs, provide scholarships for qualified students to participate in Kanzeon Big Mind Zen events, provide resources like the Big Mind Zen Media Archive, and to ensure the continued sustainability of our organization and Kanzeon Sangha. Big Heart Events are our way of giving back to those who so generously sponsor our efforts. Your generous donation is essential to carrying on this work.

Here's a video we took of the view from Genpo Roshi's place.

Please note: The Big Heart Retreat for March of 2023 has been filled.

Check the listings below for the next available opportunity.

As these events are highly personalized, please contact Bruce Lambson for detailed information, pricing and registration.

Upcoming Big Heart Retreats

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