Zen Master Genpo Merzel’s teaching is rooted in a deep appreciation of traditional Zen, which he has practiced and taught for over four decades, and his ongoing exploration of ways to integrate the wisdom and insights of both East and West into everyday life. His work has enabled thousands of people from all walks of life to experience an awakening with little or no prior consciousness study.
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In Memoriam Greg Rosenstein

As many of you now know Greg Rosenstein passed away this weekend on Saturday the 7th of January. I had spoken to him not too long ago and he was so open and beautiful. He was wrestling with his disease and he seemed both in a very challenging time physically and also in in the best place of his life spiritually. His vulnerability was very present and his gratitude enormous. He told me that he had realized the simplest truth that it all comes down to, “Being more kind and loving to all.”. . . . Read more  here

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