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  • Three Paths for Study with Genpo Roshi

    My deepest wish continues to be to clarify the Way and assist others to awaken, for all of us to get to the root of suffering, causing as little suffering as possible, and for each of us to realize our unique opportunity as aware and responsible human beings.

    In my view, rather than striving to be perfect, we need to recognize our innate perfection, while acknowledging all aspects of our shared humanity, including our fears and our shadows, and owning them with courage and humility. We cannot ignore our karma; it is our life, and in my experience our practice is to be at one with it, to live with joy, wisdom and compassion towards all beings.

    Looking forward, beginning in 2014 I will be offering three paths for those who wish to study with me. I have spent the past three years in self-reflection, deepening my practice and working on acknowledging my own shadows and deeply rooted patterns. It is my intention to devote the remainder of my life to integrating the Zen Tradition and Big Mind and the challenges of continuing, endless practice with those who would like to share them.

    It is my hope that these three paths will be responsive to your personal aspirations and circumstances. While I will go as deeply as possible with those of you who wish to study with me, either as new or continuing students, I don’t want this commitment to take precedence over your family, career, and responsibilities. Rather than having students submit or surrender to me, I am looking for a relationship of openness between teacher and student, where there is readiness to receive the Teaching, and respect for the wisdom and humanness of one another.
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  • Free Recording Available

    In May of 2014, Genpo Roshi engaged in a wide-ranging conversation with a large audience at a public evening event in Salt Lake City, Utah. The discussion was recorded live and is available free on request.
    Click here to request a link to the recording. The recording cannot be streamed from this site, but can be downloaded free.

  • Self-Power, Other-Power and Beyond

    I am often asked about how I am practicing these days and whether it is different from the past. Actually my practice has changed dramatically in the last few years. For a while I sat much less than I had before and even gave up zazen on a daily basis, only to find that it hadn’t given up on me. In these past couple of years sitting and devotion have come back into my life, and they are giving me greater joy and fulfillment than ever.

    Until recently I sat cross-legged in a lotus posture with very straight back unsupported. These days my posture is very different, and I am loving sitting more than I ever have before. I sit very relaxed and natural, usually in a chair or sofa, my legs not crossed, feet on the floor, resting my back against the back of the chair or couch, upright but not stiff or rigid in any way. Everything is relaxed and comfortable.

    I remember Maezumi Roshi always saying, ‘Sit comfortably.’ However, he never meant to sit with the back supported. Maybe because I am aging I find that with my back supported and my legs not crossed in a lotus posture, I can completely relax and have no pain anywhere in my body. I used to sit 40 to 60 minutes at a time without pain; these days I often sit 2 to 3 hours in one go without pain, sometimes in shikantaza, dropped off body and mind, and sometimes with an intention or a koan, or as a particular voice, or in a particular samadhi.
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