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  • Three Paths for Study with Genpo Roshi

    My deepest wish continues to be to clarify the Way and assist others to awaken, for all of us to get to the root of suffering, causing as little suffering as possible, and for each of us to realize our unique opportunity as aware and responsible human beings.

    In my view, rather than striving to be perfect, we need to recognize our innate perfection, while acknowledging all aspects of our shared humanity, including our fears and our shadows, and owning them with courage and humility. We cannot ignore our karma; it is our life, and in my experience our practice is to be at one with it, to live with joy, wisdom and compassion towards all beings.

    Looking forward, beginning in 2014 I will be offering three paths for those who wish to study with me. I have spent the past three years in self-reflection, deepening my practice and working on acknowledging my own shadows and deeply rooted patterns. It is my intention to devote the remainder of my life to integrating the Zen Tradition and Big Mind and the challenges of continuing, endless practice with those who would like to share them.
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  • If you would like to hear a sampling of Genpo Roshi's current teaching, you are invited to listen to a recent workshop recorded live on September 27, 2013 in Seattle, Washington. Click here to request a link to the recording. The recording cannot be streamed from this site, but can be downloaded free.

  • Some Things I Have Learned

    People who know me, and know I’ve been through a lot in these past three years, often ask me what I’ve learned or discovered that I can share, and what has changed for me. I have learned some very simple truths the hard way: If you want to get there in one piece, slow down; you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t; life is suffering and the major cause is attachment to self and others; there is no escape and no hope, and no one wants to hear it; what goes up must come down; power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely; even an enlightened person is not free from causation.

    I don’t suggest avoiding either going up or discovering your own power. However I would warn against believing your own press clippings. Once you reach the top of the mountain try not to hang out there very long. In fact, come down or descend of your own volition as quickly as possible. Don’t identify with your power nor allow any particular self or voice to take over or control who you are or what you identify as. Don’t become identified with a particular self, even one as magnanimous as a Buddha or savior. Stay humble and simple and don’t become inflated by your position or title or whatever power you have; they’re here today and gone tomorrow.
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