Zen Master Genpo Merzel’s teaching is rooted in a deep appreciation of traditional Zen, which he has practiced and taught for over four decades, and his ongoing exploration of ways to integrate the wisdom and insights of both East and West into everyday life. His work has enabled thousands of people from all walks of life to experience an awakening with little or no prior consciousness study.
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Upcoming Events with Genpo Roshi

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August 20:  Kanzeon Big Heart Sangha Live Teleconference

August 26-28:  Big Mind/Big Heart Zen and Movement — Laguna Beach, California

September 17-18 :  2 Days to Deepen — Salt Lake City  Only 2 spaces open

September 19-23:  5-Day Advanced Big Mind Facilitator Training — Salt Lake City  

September 30 – October 2:  3-Day Intensive Retreat – Vancouver, BC 

November 4-6:   3-Day Zen • Psychotherapy • Big Mind Retreat — Salt Lake City

December  27-31:  5-Day Big Heart Retreat – Lahaina, Maui

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On Coming Full Circle


Roshi May 16 BM training crop sq - 2

I want to thank once again so many of you who have so kindly sent their love, good wishes and prayers for my health, and to assure you that I am well on the way to recovery, feeling better than I have for the many weeks preceding my emergency.  As you may know, it has forced me to curtail my travel plans; on the other hand the changes have already led to  two very positive developments:  . . . .       Read more here

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