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  • 10 Sep 2022
  • 31 Aug 2023
  • Zoom Video Conference


  • Please join us for a comprehensive year of Zen led by Genpo Roshi and his successor teachers.


The One-Year Big Mind Zen Program 

Big Mind Zen is a 21st century practice dedicated to and for Westerners who wish to go to the depths of Zen realization and actualization.  It integrates traditional Zen training, including elements of Soto and Rinzai Zen as well as Vajrayana, and the Big Mind process, in a time when we are realizing more deeply than ever the uncertainty of life and the importance of having a real sitting practice along with a greater appreciation of life and the impermanence of all things as well as oneself.

The One-Year Big Mind Zen Program is designed for those who would like to go deeper into Zen practice and feel a one-year commitment to their practice will be valuable, enjoyable and timely for them.

The Program begins this year with the 3-Day Workshop September 10-12.

For more information about the year's events and offerings, participation, topics to be covered, and more, see the full description here.

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