There is always a gap between our realization or insight and actualizing or embodying it in our daily lives.  This is where integration and practice occur, this is practice.  Realizations always come suddenly while actualizing and integrating our insights simply takes time.  The historical Buddha was quite clear about this.  Late in his life, after many years … Read more

The Supreme Way is sitting with great faith and no goal or aim in your meditation, in a relaxed state of mind where you do not seek to obtain anything.  This is the attitude of a mind that is not attached to any objects and that seeks no personal benefit. Universal wisdom is rooted in … Read more

Although the ceremonies of Dharma Transmission have historically been esoteric and private, Genpo Roshi has also been performing some aspects of them publicly, because they embody essential elements of Zen tradition and teachings and reaffirm the continuity and vitality of the Sangha. This Acknowledgement Ceremony for the Shiho (Dharma Transmission from Genpo Roshi) of Stefan … Read more

A weekend with prominent American Zen Master Genpo Merzel, whose work integrates Zen wisdom with Western psychology. Genpo Roshi will work with the Big Mind process, a tool for self-exploration and inner liberation, which can lead to profound self-knowledge and spiritual openings. You will be more aware and better able to integrate aspects of yourself … Read more

* Open to 7 people * This is a unique opportunity to work closely with Genpo Roshi in a very small group with no more than six others.  There will be four hours a day of teaching and Big Mind, and additional time for meditation to reflect on and integrate the experiences and insights gained … Read more

*  Open to first 20 people who register  * Study with the best, study with Genpo Roshi, the creator and developer of the Big Mind Process. Roshi leads the evolution of the Big Mind process, guiding participants to experiences and clarity not presently offered by any other teacher or facilitator. Roshi’s aspiration and his mission … Read more

The Vimalakīrti Sūtra is one of the greatest masterpieces of Buddhist literature, and it was particularly important in the development of Chan (Zen). The retreat will explore exemplary passages revealing how, with his incisive wit, brilliant repartee, eloquence, and mastery of skillful means, the Buddhist layman Vimalakīrti illumines some of the most fundamental teachings of … Read more

* Limited to 7 People * While the window of opportunity is still open, don’t miss this amazing chance to work intensively with Roshi in a very small group. These events have proven to be the most effective means for Roshi to transmit his 45 years of Zen practice to you. Past participants have turned … Read more

  I will be sharing my experience of the student/teacher relationship as well as koan practice and how to best teach shikantaza. I will do my best to pour 45 years of experience into these five days. Participation open to Senseis or those who Genpo Roshi feels have the potential to become a Zen teacher … Read more

  A Big Heart Retreat is a unique opportunity to work closely with Genpo Roshi in a very small group with no more than six others.  Five hours a day of teaching and Big Mind and additional time for meditation will allow you to reflect on the past year and the year to come.  We … Read more

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