3-Day Retreat – Eight Awarenesses of the Awakened One – Salt Lake City

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There is always a gap between our realization or insight and actualizing or embodying it in our daily lives.  This is where integration and practice occur, this is practice.  Realizations always come suddenly while actualizing and integrating our insights simply takes time.  The historical Buddha was quite clear about this.  Late in his life, after many years of teaching, he offered these eight practices, eight awareness for living an awakened life:

Have few desires
Know how to be satisfied
Enjoy serenity
Be diligent (in practice)
Preserve awareness of the dharma
Avoid idle speech

Early-bird discount available until August 23, 2019.
For more details about the suggested donation, schedule and lodging, please contact Mary Ellen by email  or call 801-503-5656.

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