5-Day Hinayana Retreat — Zoom Video Conference

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Hinayana Retreat

“We tend to make things lower and higher. Everything has its rightful position, and Hinayana is not beneath or below Mahayana or Buddhayana or Vajrayana; it is a real teaching, and we shouldn’t forget that teaching, because it’s a way of appreciating others in a loving, compassionate, friendly way.”

This is the first of two retreats and one sesshin devoted to Hinayana, which are all part of a year-long exploration led by Genpo Roshi of these foundational teachings of Buddhism.
It is open to anyone; attendance is not required for the second Hinayana retreat in February and the sesshin in May. It will cover the first three reasons for practice:
  • To improve your life emotionally, physically, psychologically and spiritually.
  • To deepen your samadhi and insights.
  • To deepen self-realization and awakening.
We will focus on fundamental teachings and practices which many in Zen and Big Mind training may not have explored very deeply: mindfulness meditation, insight and samadhi as the foundation, and aligning oneself with Sila (discipline/precepts) as the scaffolding of our practice. Focus will be on the Sixteen Buddhist Precepts, the Three Treasures, the Three Pure Precepts and the Ten Grave Precepts as the basis for deepening our practice and living the literal interpretation of Sila.


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