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Det Aabne Rum - Indgang
The Open Space – Entrance

Address: Østbanegade 13 kld.
City: Copenhagen
Post Code: 2100
Country: Denmark


Upcoming Events @ Open Space, Copenhagen:


A weekend with prominent American Zen Master Genpo Merzel, whose work integrates Zen wisdom with Western psychology. Genpo Roshi will work with the Big Mind process, a tool for self-exploration and inner liberation, which can lead to profound self-knowledge and spiritual openings. You will be more aware and better able to integrate aspects of yourself … Read more

* Open to 7 people * This is a unique opportunity to work closely with Genpo Roshi in a very small group with no more than six others.  There will be four hours a day of teaching and Big Mind, and additional time for meditation to reflect on and integrate the experiences and insights gained … Read more

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