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The Fool Who Thought He Was God

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Two long Out-of-print Books by Genpo Roshi
Now Available as e-Books

24/7 Dharma:  Impermanence, No-Self, Nirvana

by Dennis Genpo Merzel

  eBook in epub format  $14.95  

 eBook in PDF format  $14.95     

“For the beginner, this introduces the fundamental teachings of Buddhism in language direct, clear, unexotic; drawing straight from the well of our recognizable lives, Genpo’s teachings remind with the pure resonance of the meditation bell: ‘Don’t waste time.’”
— Jane Hirshfield, author of Nine Gates: Entering the Mind of Poetry

Zen Master Dennis Genpo Merzel brings clarity and wisdom to our most fundamental questions — Why do we suffer? How can we free ourselves from fear and sorrow? What does it take to live in harmony with others?  Merzel’s pithy and provocative observations can be read individually for inspiration and guidance, or from beginning to end as a lucid introduction to Buddhist truths.  Supremely accessible, 24/7 Dharma applies the central concepts of Buddhism to our modern-day experience.

“In a long tradition of Zen aphorisms and turning phrases, Roshi Genpo Merzel’s brief, laconic Dharma teachings always point to one’s own true nature.”
                                        — Roshi Bernie Glassman, Zen Peacemakers

Beyond Sanity and Madness:
The Way of Zen Master Dogen

by Dennis Genpo Merzel

eBook in epub format      $14.95  

 eBook in PDF format       $14.95  

Zen Master Dogen (1200-1253), the founder of the Soto Zen sect in Japan and one of the most brilliant minds Japan has ever produced, was a true giant of Asian thought whose works are of an astounding richness and profundity.  In this book, Genpo Roshi explores the essential features of Dogen’s vision of Zen training and practice as presented in three of his most important works.

Master Dogen reminds us to appreciate these old teachings from the Bodhisattva’s perspectives and to continually refresh our own integrity as embodied in these great vows of benefiting oneself and others.  Genpo Sensei, a follower of Kanzeon, offers his comments for your consideration. It will be most rewarding for him if these comments stimulate your own practice and cause you to confirm your vows.   I offer you my sincere encouragement in the genuine practice of the Buddha Way.
                                        — Hakuyu Taizan Maezumi, Roshi



Big Mind • Big Heart: Finding Your Way
by Dennis Genpo Merzel



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